Wall Cabinet For Bathroom

A wall cabinet for bathroom is useful for compact spaces. But, such products are available in many designs and shades. Their built quality differs as well.

Hence, finding a suitable option according to your preferences could be challenging. So, check this exciting collection of bathroom wall cabinets and see which one could suit your space.


1. KOHLER K-99007-NA Verdera


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Ash

Kohler K-99007-NA Verdera is a rare combination of style, elegance, and functionality. Made of anodized aluminum, it looks perfect in any bathroom décor. Plus, this unit is chip and resistant-free.

The Verdera cabinet cum mirror has a unique ash shade, adding class and style to your bathroom. This Kohler medicine cabinet has three adjustable glass shelves that add much-required storage space. All these shelves are made of tempered glass.

Apart from the storage sections, the K-99007-NA has a vertically adjustable magnifying mirror, which allows all your family members to use it according to their height. Then, it has a slow close seat. So, you don’t have to disturb anyone else while using the washroom.

This cabinet for bathroom wall is easy to install because it can be surface mounted or recessed—the former reduces the cutting time, which is similar to hanging a picture frame. You can do it yourself or call a professional as per your experience and knowledge.

Kohler K-99007-NA is available in three more styles apart from this one. So, you can try any of them as per your preferences.


2. Zenna Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White

If you want to add more storage to your bathroom, then the Zenna wall cabinet could be a solid investment. Its upper shelf is safe behind a pair of doors and does well when you store deodorants, facewashes, shampoos, and similar products. Then, there is an open shelf that’s useful to display some expensive cosmetics. The bottom rung is a unique addition. It hands you the towels whenever needed.

Zenna wall cabinet has compact dimensions, which means it adds precious storage space to a small bathroom. Moreover, this furniture has both concealed and open frames. So, it can contain a lot of bathroom-related products.

Manufactured using hardwood, Zenna small cabinet for bathroom wall has a white shade. Hence, it suits all the decors. As this bathroom accessory mounts on the wall, it does not need any floor space. Therefore, this model saves your bathroom from overcrowding.

Apart from the bathroom, you can use this wall cabinet anywhere in your house. Its classic design and decorative built complements almost any area. This product includes all its mounting hardware and detailed assembly instructions. So, you can set it up within 15 to 20 minutes, especially if you are an expert.


3. Croydex Loxley Tri-View Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Silver

Croydex Loxley is a charming cabinet with a tri-view mirror and nine height adjustable shelves. It supports both surface-mounted and recessed installations. So, you can configure this unit as per the existing style.

The wall cabinet has an aluminum construction with a functional mirrored door, which adds elegance to your washroom. Once you open it, there are nine adjustable height shelves. All of them are made of glass. Plus, the interiors are also mirrored, which adds to the visibility.

Due to a silver shade, the Loxley suits a wide range of bathrooms. It has sprung hinges, which adds to your accessibility even inside a small space. These hinges move up to 165 degrees.
The small wall cabinet for bathroom is 24 inches long and 24 inches wide. Apart from that, it is available in seven other sizes. So, you can pick any one of them according to the open space and style.

Croydex bathroom wall cabinet comes with a Hang’ n’ Lock installation bracket, making its installation safe and easy. Moreover, this bracket helps you to install this bathroom accessory without any help. You have to follow only four steps, and this mirror cum storage solution will be ready on your bathroom wall.


4. RiverRidge Somerset Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

RiverRidge Somerset is a charming wall cabinet, which embellishes your bathroom and makes it more functional. Manufactured using engineered wood, this model has two shelves that result in three storage compartments. Both the top shelves are behind the doors, and one of them is flexible. So, you can arrange the bathroom-related items in various configurations as per the needs.

This white cabinet for bathroom wall lets you create a stimulating environment because of its wall-mountable design. Its coved design adds some class to your bathroom. Plus, you can also use the top shelf to display some attractive and expensive deodorants.

RiverRidge Somerset has a classic two-door design, which suits any of the bathrooms. As we stated, it has a pair of doors that can hide all the spoilsports for a clean presentation. Then, there is an open frame that lets you display any decorative accents.

Try Somerset if you want to redesign your bathroom and add some storage. It’s available in white and grey. So, you can try any of the two variants as per the existing décor.


5. Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver

Krugg medicine cabinet is a symbol of elegance and luxury. Its lighting advancements create a beautiful environment in your bathroom and express your lifestyle. Moreover, these gleams produce a striking glow and offer unparalleled light distribution on your face and body.

This bathroom wall cabinet has a revolutionary touch icon integrated into its front mirror. This button facilitates the power and dimming of the lights. The interiors are mirrored, and this unit also has a 3x magnifying glass, which is also surrounded by LED lights. This mirror is perfect for detailed makeup.

This cabinet for the bathroom wall has wide-angle hinges that provide easy access to its internal storage sections. Apart from that, this set has two traditional and a couple of USB interfaces to recharge all your beauty tools and portable devices. So, your smartphone or tablet can consume the juice while you are getting ready.

Krugg cabinet offers high-grade defogging technology, which keeps its mirror free from any condensation. In other words, you don’t have to wipe out the mirror after every shower. Hence, you can enjoy perfect reflections without much hard work.


6. Kohler 99009-TLC-NA Verdera Medicine Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum

Do you want to see yourself in a better light every morning? Try the Kohler 99009-TLC-NA and feel the confidence because it shows what you are. This bathroom accessory has LED lighting strips integrated on its front mirrored door.

The medicine cabinet offers shadowless illumination that’s comparable to natural lights. Moreover, it has pivoting side panels, which lets you direct the light anywhere. This unit has multiple shelves inside the door. Plus, it has electrical outlets that are helpful when your smartphone or trimmer is running low on battery.

All the LED lights offer a brightness of 2200 lumens. Moreover, there are no dark or hot spots. Hence, these sparkles are not only helpful in daily tasks but also add to the aesthetics. These lights have a life expectancy of 59 000 hours. So, you don’t have to think about early replacements.

A pull-out magnifying mirror on the inside is perfect when you need some detailed makeup. Plus, this cabinet has mirrored panels inside its door and back, which offers superior visibility and style. Furthermore, the slow-close doors gives easy access.

Kohler 99009-TLC-NA Verdera is compatible with LED dimmers. So, you can install it for more control over its brightness. This medicine cabinet is available in three more variants apart from this one. So, you can try any one of them as per your needs and bathroom design.


7. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection-2-Door Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

If you want to hide all the toiletries and other bathroom-related products for a clean presentation, then try the RiverRidge Ellsworth wall cabinet. Its traditional shutter door contains two fixed shelves, which helps you to expand the storage area. This bathroom accessory also has a towel bar for convenient usage.

The shelves are perfect for storing all your daily use items. However, none of them are adjustable, so you cannot customize the storage space for tall items.
Manufactured using high-quality MDF, this cabinet for bathroom wall is long-lasting. It has a white shade, which looks perfect in any décor. Plus, the chrome-plated doorknobs add to the elegance. If you don’t like this color, then there is an espresso version as well.

RiverRidge Ellsworth collection cabinet is easy to assemble and mount. Its price tag is also lower than other storage solutions. Try this elegant set if you want to rearrange your space without investing a lot of money.


8. IWELL Wall Bathroom Cabinet


  • Material: MDF
  • Color: White

Iwell wall bathroom cabinet is hard to beat in terms of style, functionality, or price. It has a classic design that meshes well in any bathroom. This model is available in white, but it has another variant finished in black. So, you can pick anyone that matches your space.

This cabinet for bathroom wall provides significant storage and accommodates all your toiletries. It has one hidden shelf and an open shelf. The shelf behind the doors is height adjustable. You can set it at three different positions.

These doors protect your privacy and also keep your belongings clean. On the contrary, the open shelf is suitable for frequently used items. In addition, it has a bar to keep your towel fresh and odor-free.

The cabinet mounts on your bathroom wall, which means it’s suitable for small spaces. This unit is constructed using high-quality MDF material so that you can use it for many more years to come. Moreover, this storage solution has ergonomically designed door handles for convenient usage.

All the hardware is included with the product, and its parts are labeled. So, you can assemble and install it easily. Try this cabinet if you want to rearrange your space and add some comfort to your lifestyle.


9. Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood, Wood
  • Color: White

Wall mountable bathroom cabinets are designed to consume zero floor space, and hence, these accessories are perfect for small spaces. Spirich home bathroom cabinet is one of the best options in this category. Constructed of high-grade engineered wood, it’s long-lasting and ideal for humid environments. Plus, this unit is sleek, stylish and adds elegance to your space.

This wall-mountable cabinet is compact but has significant storage space. It also comes with one adjustable shelf behind a pair of doors. A flexible rack lets you store different-sized items. Furthermore, there is a valuable open shelf for items you use frequently.

Spirich cabinet is available in white, which suits most of the bathroom decors. But, if you are not a fan of this neutral shade, it also has two other colors. Hence, you can try any one of them as per the existing décor.

The open wall cabinet for bathroom has labeled parts to distinguish and assemble them without any problem. Plus, it includes all the hardware.



Add a suitable wall cabinet for bathroom if you want to organize the space. We told you some of the best options available to purchase. Take inspiration from the existing décor and find something that can fulfill all your requirements.

If you own a compact space, try a thin wall cabinet for bathroom like Kohler K-99007-NA Verdera. Go for the Zenna wall cabinet if you need an affordable storage solution.






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