Types Of Shower Head

Showering is a vital part of everyday life. Well, all being ok for many people. Because we do it very often, it is straightforward to do it on autopilot. But do you enjoy the showers as you can? If you are still using the same type of shower head, which was installed when moving in, the answer is maybe no.

Today, many types offer a wide range of aesthetics, water pressure, spray patterns, and more. From the rain showers, which fall from a ceiling, to filtered shower heads, which reduce mineral build-up and limescale, there is the shower head for every situation and everyone.

Let’s take a look at these 11 types of shower heads to get the best idea of how they work, as well as their pros and cons.

11 types of shower heads

1. Single spray shower head

A single spray shower head is the basic model one can buy. It is very inexpensive and often falls into the grade of the contractor. Considering it name, this shower head has no adjustability but one spray pattern.

This means you are stuck in any built-in spray pattern and relatively generic. You will often see these types of shower heads in motels, gyms, and other public showers because they are inexpensive and easily accessible.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and no adjustments


  • Usually contractor grade
  • It has just one spray pattern

2. Adjustable shower head

This shower head is simple and basic but offers much more versatility than single spray shower heads. The unique thing is its versatile spray patterns. Most of them have not less than three options to choose from, but some of them have about 12 spray patterns.

Typically, this is helpful if you share the shower with your roommate, children, or spouse. Every person has some preferences, and with the adjustable shower head, anyone can make adjustments with the push of a switch. However, these shower heads are easy to install as they have no other parts, only the shower.


  • It has many options
  • Very affordable
  • It has multiple spray patterns


  • Easily clogs in hard water

3. Rain shower head

Although many shower heads are mounted on the short neck, which protrudes directly from the wall, the rain shower head uses a different approach. Typically, this model sits over the head and pours water downward, mimicking the rainstorm.

For many, it is an exceptionally relaxing experience and can make the shower time the stress-relieving getaway. It also adds more to the shower look, as the rain shower heads are usually very stylish.

However, rain showers always have their drawbacks. Firstly, they do not have many spray choices to choose from and often offer one spray pattern. Also, they have a low-pressure shower head, therefore rinsing it is more complex, and you will not feel the high-pressure water massage on the muscles and skin.

After all, they are the most difficult showers to install and are often installed directly on the ceiling. Essentially, this is the most beautiful approach and the most time-consuming, difficult, and most expensive way. The substitute is to use the long neck that extends and raises the shower head from a wall.


  • Looks elegant
  • It offers a relaxing shower experience


  • Low pressure
  • Difficult to install
  • Low spray pattern adjustability

4. High pressure shower head

If you have ever felt the shower drip on and you cannot wash with shampoo and soap, you can be dealing with the low-pressure shower head. Instead, the result is to use the high-pressure jet.

Rinsing off is easier for you, and the high pressure is excellent on the skin as it gently massages your entire body. Alternatively, you can use more water with each shower that builds up over some weeks and months.

Typically, this increases water costs as consumption increases. For those who’re very concerned about the surroundings, upgrading the extra waste might not be worth it.


  • Massage you while showering
  • Easy to rinse off


  • Higher water bills
  • Uses more water

5. Eco-performance shower head

Are you concerned about the environmental impact? Is the water bill rising? If so, consider an eco-performance shower head. This model is designed to consume less water than conventional shower heads.

While many showers use about 2.5 GPM of water, the eco-performance shower head can use up to 1.5 GPM. On average, an eight-minute shower saves up to eight liters of water. Designed for all year, you will save almost 3,000 liters of water.


  • Lower water costs
  • Good for the surrounding


  • More difficult to rinse off at low pressure
  • Not as satisfying as the shower

6. Shower panel

The shower panel is more complex when compared to the traditional shower heads. Essentially, it takes up more wall space; however, it extends overhead. It contains several spray nozzles in various positions. You will get multiple nozzles and the overhead spray at different heights of the body, and even built-in handheld devices.

Although it is pretty expensive, it is still cheaper than installing all these shower heads and nozzles differently. Remember that installing the shower panel requires multiple holes drilled in the shower wall, so switching back to the regular shower head can be challenging. Also, it is difficult to install, so you will probably need to hire a professional.


  • A lot of adjustabilities
  • Multiple spray nozzles


  • May permanently damage a shower wall behind
  • Difficult to install
  • Very expensive

7. Filtered shower head

The common frustration for many people is the hard water deposits that constantly spoil the appearance of doors and shower tiles. After the water dries, the remaining white spots are unattractive to the eye and challenging to clean. The water softener system solves the problem, but it is costly and has other disadvantages.

For a more straightforward and cheaper solution, consider the filtered shower head. It contains cartridge filters, which require a replacement regularly. Since it is a little challenging to do, the benefits are great.

You will notice the elimination or reduction of scale build-up around the shower. Also, the filtered water is a bit better for the skin and hair and makes you feel nourished and healthy rather than flaky and dry.


  • Best for skin and hair
  • Reduces the hard water spots


  • Requires a regular filter change

8. Double shower head

If you have a challenge choosing between the shower heads, the dual shower head can be your best solution. Rather than choosing one, you can enjoy the benefits of two types of shower heads. A rain shower-style head is coming, but the handheld is also attached.

This offers you high versatility in the shower. There are usually some spray patterns to decide on for more flexibility. Alternatively, they take up more space than other shower head types, so they are not the best option for the cramped shower stall.


  • Different spray options
  • Includes a handheld
  • Two types of shower heads


  • It takes up much space

9. RV shower heads

RVs have a limited water supply, and the RV shower heads are designed to conserve water, which makes them last longer. However, they still offer a high-pressure spray, though they have a narrow spray cone.

Essentially, this means no much water that will hit you, although there is enough pressure in the incoming water to rinse off quickly. Also, they are built to resist mineral deposit clogging found in hard water though these are not limited to only RVs.

This shower head can be used at home to achieve similar water-saving benefits, reducing water costs and environmental impact.


  • Do not waste the water
  • Resistant to hard mineral clogging
  • High pressure


  • The spray cone is smaller

10. LED shower head

Does the shower bore you? You can consider the LED shower head. It has color-changing LED lights, which can add ambiance to the shower and the entire bathroom. LED lights are installed in a wide variety of shower head types, so you have the best choice.

Essentially, pay more attention to the LED shower heads because they are worthy of many. Also, the color of the lights changes depending on the water temperature, for it turns red when it’s hot and blue when it’s cold.


  • Changes color according to temperature
  • Available in different sprays
  • Add the ambiance to a shower


  • It is costly

11. Handheld shower head

This type of shower head enables you to rinse any part of the body from different angles. Also, you will get more pressure and massage feeling because the shower is very close to the skin.

The extra pressure makes it stress-free to rinse off shampoo and soap. While the nozzle can be moved around, bathing pets and children are much easier. However, it has many connections that mean it is more susceptible to leaks.


  • Ideal for bathing children and pets
  • Using it close to the body increase the pressure
  • Easy to rinse off


  • Prone to problems and leaks


Go to the hardware store, and you will be amazed at how many shower heads you can choose from. With many types available, this cannot be easy to decide which type you want. To keep it simple, we have covered 11 types of shower heads you can find.

They have their pros and cons, each doing its best for a specific situation. After reading this article, I hope that you know their differences so that you can easily choose the right shower head.






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