Tall Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

A tall slim bathroom storage cabinet can organize your space so that you can find everything without any inconvenience. But, such structures are available in a variety of designs.

So, it could be challenging for you to sort a suitable tall slim bathroom cabinet. It’s why we have rounded up some of the best options that can rearrange small spaces.


1. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Tall Bathroom Cabinet


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White
  • Shelves: Five
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

The Elegant Home Fashions tall cabinet has five shelves to offer plenty of storage space. It keeps all your belongings safe behind two louvered-style doors. This unique appearance adds a subtle touch to the structure and your bathroom.

Adjustable shelves are one of the primary factors to consider while purchasing a tall slim storage cabinet for the bathroom. This storage solution comes with one adjustable shelve, which gives you the flexibility to store different size products. It lets you customize the storage area as per the requirements.

Both the doors have chrome-finished knobs that look great with the cabinet’s white finish. Crown molding is another factor that makes this cabinet appealing. Its elegant design and the flat top look classic in any washroom.

The tall bathroom cabinet is manufactured with wood and is available in white. If you don’t like this shade, it has another version with a unique dark espresso finish. This unit is floor mounted, which means you can change its location whenever required.

This bathroom structure arrives in a unique package so that you can install it easily. All the hardware is included. So, try it if you need some additional storage space in your washroom, kitchen, or living room.


2. Crosley Furniture Tara Linen Bathroom Cabinet


  • Material: Pine and Birch Veneer
  • Color: Vintage Gray
  • Shelves: Four
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

Crosley Furniture Linen cabinet has a vintage grey shade, which has a retro feel. It’s constructed of solid pine and bitch veneer. So, this bathroom slim tall cabinet stays in your bathroom for many more years to come.

The Tara Linen cabinet organizes your bathroom, kitchen, hallways, or any other area where you need some additional storage space. Its cottage style and antique bronze hardware suit any of the interior settings. Apart from a depository, this structure also acts as a display piece.

This storage structure gives you four shelves with three layers. In addition, it has a small compartment at the bottom and a full-extension drawer. So, this model is perfect if you need plenty of storage in the bathroom. It’s also suitable for households with multiple members who need frequent makeup and shaving.

If you need a clever and enchanting tall slim space saver cabinet for your bathroom or kitchen, then try the Crosley Furniture Tara Linen. It uses a small floor space to offer deep storage shelves and drawers so that you can enjoy every inch of a small space.


3. Winsome Alps Tall Cabinet


  • Material: Composite Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Shelves: 5
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

The Winsome Alps is a tall slim storage cabinet for bathroom that arranges all your toilet supplies and linens. Manufactured of solid wood, it has a black shade that suits all the decors. So, this model could be a reliable choice if you need an attractive storage solution without investing a considerable amount.

The Alps has multiple storage sections so that you don’t have to invest in any other similar structure. It has a glass door with an adjustable shelf on the top. Then, there is easy to access storage compartment and a drawer. At the bottom, this unit has a wooden door that hides two storage sections.

As we stated, Winsome Alps gives you ample storage for bathroom products, photos, books, towels, and linens. So, you can also deploy it in your office, walk-in closet, or living room. Therefore, this model could be a smart purchase if you need a piece of furniture with lots of repository space.


4. Haotian Tall Bathroom Storage


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Lacquered
  • Shelves: Five
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

With two shutter doors, one drawer, and one open storage compartment, the Haotian bathroom storage easily accommodates all your daily use products. Both the hidden shelves are adjustable and offer a customizable repository. Made of engineered wood, it has a lacquered finish that suits both modern and traditional bathrooms.

The storage cabinet is made of top-grade MDF material, which resists mildew. Hence, it’s easy to clean. Apart from the bathroom, this structure works for any other small space where you need to arrange things. Its load capacity is 99.21 pounds. So, you can use this unit with complete peace of mind.

Haotian tall slim white bathroom cabinet fits in a small space and maximizes its potential. Its rectangular shape looks great in any setting. Plus, it’s available at a pocket-friendly price tag. In other words, this unit exceeds your expectations but never exceeds your budget.

This space-saving repository is easy to assemble. It has detailed instructions, which is helpful even if you are a beginner. As this is a freestanding structure, you can relocate it every few months to redesign your space.


5. Elegant Home Fashions St. James Linen Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White
  • Shelves: Three
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

Elegant Home Fashions St. James Linen cabinet has two significant, appealing doors and hides three storage shelves. Then, there are two more drawers at its bottom. Available in a white shade and glossy finish, this wooden structure is both modern and classic.

The St. James Linen cabinet reorganizes your space most charmingly. Its traditional design, crown molding, and bronze knobs make your bathroom elegant. This structure has significant storage space that you can use to store toiletries, linens, pharmaceuticals, and any other household item. Both the doors have a magnetic mechanism, which allows easy access to the stored items.

Elegant Home Fashions cabinet has anti-tipping hardware that ensures it never falls over. Due to such stability, you can safely put fragile items in the unit. Moreover, it’s easy to clean.

Now you can readily agree that this minimalistic beauty offers accessible storage without occupying a lot of storage space in your bathroom. Made of engineered wood, this tall slim bathroom cabinet is durable and provides durable services. It includes all the hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Due to detailed guidelines, even a beginner can set this unit without any hassles.


6. VASAGLE Floor Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White
  • Shelves: Five
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

With a compact footprint and impressive storage space, the Vasagle freestanding structure is perfect for bathrooms or any other similar area. It sorts all the toiletries in your washroom and adds to your comfort. This unit has open shelves on the top and a cabinet at the bottom. So, you can conveniently store all the daily-use items irrelevant to their size.

You can use the open space to keep essentials that are used frequently. If you want to keep anything the same from water and dust, it has the bottom storage. There is an adjustable shelf inside this section, which sets at three different positions.

Manufactured using EPA-certificated MDF, the bathroom slim tall cabinet offers long-lasting services. Moreover, it has environmentally-friendly lacquered skin that feels smooth. Apart from that, this unit is easy to clean as well.

If you want to brighten up your space with an attractive storage solution, then try the floor cabinet by Vasagle. Finished in white, this unit also acts as a decoration piece wherever you place it. This structure comes with numbered parts and clear assembly instructions to assemble them. Try it if you want a stylish tall slim white bathroom cabinet at a pocket-friendly price tag.


7. Spirit Freestanding Storage Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White
  • Shelves: Six
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

Spirit Freestanding Storage cabinet is perfect for small spaces because of its compact footprint. This freestanding structure comes with three open shelves on the top and three at its bottom. The last three storage sections are hidden behind a door.

A chrome-finished doorknob allows easy access to the storage sections and also adds to its style. Two of the hidden shelves are adjustable for added convenience.

This tall slim storage cabinet for the bathroom is made of laminated MDF and attractive beadboard paneling. It comes with high-quality hinges that perform without making noise. Besides, this unit has a classic white finish that suits any bathroom and makes it elegant. In addition, it also has a top-over restraint device for better safety.

Spirit storage cabinet comes with detailed step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. All the parts are also labeled so that you don’t have to face any confusion. Try this model if you want a stylish storage solution for your washroom.


8. Elegant Home Fashion Anna Linen Cabinet


  • Materials: Engineered Wood, Glass, Metal
  • Color: Oil Oak
  • Shelves: 4
  • Mounting type: Floor Mount

The Anna Linen is a tall slim storage cabinet for the bathroom perfect to store towels, linens, and all other toiletries. It has two open shelves, one adjustable shelf at the bottom, and a metal glider in the middle. There is a glass door to access the bottom shelf.

You can hide all the unattractive items inside the glider. Moreover, the adjustable shelf lets you keep all the bathroom-related products, irrespective of their height.

Manufactured of durable MDF, the Anna Linen cabinet stays at your service for decades. Its door is made of tempered glass, which is almost unbreakable. Brass finish handles and hinges add class to this cabinet and your bathroom.

The Anna Linen cabinet has an oil oak finish that looks great anywhere. Its crown molded top appears elegant. So, you can use this storage solution in the living room as well.

The assembly hardware and step-by-step setup instructions are included with the cabinet. So, its configuration will be easy, especially if you have done something similar in the past.


9. Redmon Contemporary Country Tall Cabinet


  • Materials: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Espresso
  • Shelves: Six
  • Mounting type: FloorMount

Redmon cabinet is a simple, affordable, and attractive storage solution for your bathroom or living room. A smooth design, espresso finish, and chrome-plated knob make it perfect for any décor. Besides, this model has two open shelves on the top and a couple at its bottom. The bottom ones are hidden behind a door.

So, this model comes with six shelves in total. You will like the fact that both of its lower shelves are height adjustable. So, you don’t have to find any other storage area for long bathroom-related products.

Manufactured using engineered wood, this tall slim space saver cabinet is solid and long-lasting. This unit uses wainscot panels to look fabulous wherever you place it. Moreover, the cabinet has a semi-gloss enamel finish that makes it easy to clean.

The floor-standing tall cabinet includes all the hardware for easy assembly. This model also comes with detailed assembly instructions so that you don’t have to face any problems while configuring it. The price tag is also very reasonable. So, you can try a tall slim space saver cabinet to add more storage to a small space.



No matter your storage requirements, a tall slim bathroom storage cabinet provides you with all the extra space required to organize your space.

We have suggested a variety of cabinets with different colors and price range so that you can try something that matches your style and décor. So, try a piece of furniture and streamline your bathroom.






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