RV Shower Head

You can make your outdoor trips more enjoyable with the help of a high-grade RV shower head, especially if you love boon-docking. Showerheads for RV and motorhomes are available in a wide range of designs and features.

But, only a good RV shower fixture can make some significant differences when it comes to water conservation and pressure. Here, we list some of the best shower heads for RV, caravan, and motorhomes. Check them and get the best.


1. Oxygenics 26481


  • Built materials: Nickel
  • Finish: Silver
  • Hose: 60 inch

Oxygenics 26481 is the best RV shower head because of its broad coverage and high-pressure water flow. This handheld comes with a 60-inch hose, which makes it easy and comfortable to use. Moreover, the hand shower does not clog because of its non-stick internal parts.

Have you ever dealt with a blocked showerhead? If yes, you know how valuable Oxygenics 26481 can be, especially if you are on a trip. It also includes a wall mount holder, which adds to your convenience.

The handheld uses patented technology to widen coverage and boost water pressure. At the same time, it consumes a minimal amount of water and extends the life of the onboard tank. Moreover, the hand shower has a SmartPause button that adds to the water preservation by limiting its flow.

You will like that this RV handheld shower head has a unique spray pattern, which does the washing and rinsing fast. So, it might be a perfect investment if you have long hair.


2. ETL 26781


  • Built materials: Nickel
  • Finish: White
  • Hose: 60 inch

ETL 26781 has an attractive white appearance and a simple design that looks great in your RV. It uses patented technology to add oxygen within the water supply and boost its flow. Moreover, the handheld offers wide water spray for decent coverage.

This hand shower head for RV has two water spray patterns; stimulating and soft. So, it offers enjoyable showers even when you are outdoors. Moreover, the handheld is connected with a 60-inch hose that makes your showering sessions more convenient.

The handheld maintains a flow rate of 2.0 GPM which means it can conserve water for your entire trip. Also, the hand shower has a WaterSense label. So, it never compromises with the performance.

At only 1.4 pounds, the ETL handheld is lightweight. So, it does not add much weight to the engine. Moreover, this unit has a limited lifetime warranty that adds more peace to your mind.

ETL 26781 never clogs, which means you don’t have to deal with low pressure. It includes a holder for comfortable usage. Apart from that, the handheld comes with installation instructions and a Teflon tape. It’s easy to set up, especially if you can follow the assembly guidelines.


2. Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP RV Hand Held


  • Built materials: Bronze, Nickel, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Hose: 60 inch

Another popular handheld among RV travelers, the Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP is a high-quality accessory. It offers refreshing showers after you come back from a long hiking trip or any other adventurous activity. If you want to enjoy solid and satisfactory showers every day on a trip, then try this model.

Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-CP operates a high pressure and gives you a home-like feel. So, you can rinse and clean your body without any struggle. But, don’t worry about water wastage because it has a trickle valve switch, which reduces the water flow when you don’t need it.

In addition, the Dura Faucet handheld is long-lasting and lightweight. Plus, it comes with a stainless steel hose that offers durable services. Apart from that, the unit includes a holder, hose guide ring, and hardware required for its installation.

The handheld comes with a flow restrictor, which can be removed if you need more water pressure. This product is made of lead-free materials, so it is safe for all users. And why not? Delta Faucet is a US-based brand, so it cares for the residents.


3. Awelife RV Shower Head


  • Built materials: Plastic
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Hose: 58 inch

Awelife RV shower head is simple, but it’s one of the best for RVs. The handheld does not have a lot of spray functions, but it comes with an on/off button. This switch does not cut off the water supply. Instead, it turns the flow into a trickle, which is excellent in the limited water supply.

The button does not shut down the water flow, which means you don’t have to deal with cold water bursts. It reduces the pressure so that you can lather up and conserve water at the same time. Apart from that, this hand shower includes a 58-inch kink-free hose for added convenience.

Awelife RV has a shower G 1/2″ thread, so you can easily connect with your motorhome’s bathroom. It’s also compatible with campers, travel trailers, and vans. This handheld includes all the plugs and screws, so you can install it without facing any problems.

The hand shower has a warranty of 1 year. Its USA-based manufacturer has used high-quality materials for the construction. Still, you can get the money back in case you are not satisfied with its services.


4. ETL 26181


  • Built materials: Plastic
  • Finish: White/Chrome
  • Hose: 60 inch

If you like high-pressure showers on trips, then try the ETC 26181 RV handheld shower head. No need to worry if your partner doesn’t prefer powerful flow because this model also has a soft spray pattern. Moreover, it comes with a WaterSense label. So, this hand shower conserves water but never offers unsatisfactory trickles.

The hand shower ensures zero clogging because of non-sticky internal parts. Plus, it has a removable flow restrictor. So, you can take it out in search of more pressure. Apart from that, there is a 60 inch for convenient showers.

ETL 26181 has a flow rate of 2.0 GPM, which means it does not consume a high amount of water. In addition, this handheld has a shutoff valve so that you can reduce the water flow if you don’t need it. Hence, if you want a prolonged water supply without compromising on your shower experiences, then ETL 26181 is one of the best shower heads for RV.

This hand shower includes all the mounting hardware, washers, Teflon tape, and assembly instructions. It’s easy to set up if you can follow the given guidelines. If you want to add more freshness and comfort to your trip, try the ETC 26181.


5. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT RV High-Pressure Shower Head


  • Built materials: Synthetic resins
  • Finish: White
  • Hose: 60 inch

Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT is a suitable shower head if you prefer hiking, trekking, or other adventurous activity. It’s because this handheld offers high-pressure flow that takes away all your fatigue and refreshes your mind. Powerful flow does not mean that it consumes all the water from your RV tank.

The hand shower works at 2.5 GPM. In addition, it has a trickle valve that reduces the flow to conserve water. Moreover, the hand shower gives you a comfortable grip. Hence, you can also enjoy its services on the move.

Dura Faucet DF-SA130-WT is constructed using lightweight synthetic resins, so it’s rust and corrosion-free. Plus, its white shade is unique and looks great in your space. A 60-inch hose completes the DF-SA130-WT and makes it more convenient to use. Plus, a mount is included for convenient installation and usage.

The handheld is cUPC, and UPC certified. Also, it is made of lead-free materials. Hence, this unit is safe for everyone on board. Overall, DF-SA130-WT best RV shower in terms of durability, water conservation, and price tag. So, try it if you need an affordable handheld to replace the existing showering solution in the RV.


6. PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower


  • Built materials: Plastic
  • Finish: Light Yellow
  • Hose: 60 inch

A high-pressure shower feels great at the end of the day, especially if you were driving all the time. It’s one of the reasons why you should take a closer look at the PIH RV handheld. This showerhead increases the pressure and rinses all the fatigue within a few minutes.

PIH shower head for RV has two spray patterns, including pulse massage and powerful flow. It also comes with a pause button that reduces the water flow when you are soaping or shampooing. Plus, there is a 60-inch hose that’s useful for multiple tasks when you are outdoors.

This handheld includes an adjustable bracket that allows you to use it as an overhead shower. Plus, the holder also lets you change the water spray angle. Available at a pocket-friendly price tag, this model is perfect if you are planning for a motorhome trip. The handheld includes an instructions manual, which is very helpful while you set it up on the RV.


7. OYMOV RV Shower Head


  • Built materials: ABS
  • Finish: White
  • Hose: 59 inch

The Oymov RV showerhead might be a suitable investment if you want to conserve water on your trips. This bathroom accessory consumes less water and maintains even pressure. Plus, thanks to its pause function, you can reduce the flow and save some more water.

The pause button is functional when you are shampooing the hair. Such a feature is helpful on a motorhome or caravan because you have a limited water supply.
This RV handheld shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Its spray face measures 2.32 inches, which is decent if we talk about RV heads. So, the hand shower delivers comfortable showers without wasting lots of water.

Asimov shower head is lightweight, which means it’s easy to use and does not pressure your vehicle. Moreover, this handheld has a comfortable-to-grip base that makes your showers more enjoyable.

Made of non-corrosive ABS, the handheld is solid and long-lasting. Moreover, the hand shower resists tarnishing and maintains its shine even if you miss the bathroom cleaning session. In addition, this unit is easy to install. So, you don’t have to call a professional to set it up.


8. GENMAIGOU Detachable Shower Head


  • Built materials: ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Hose: 59 inch

Genmaigou showerhead might be a perfect choice for three primary reasons; high-pressure flow, on-off switch, and 360-degree adjustment. In addition, this head comes with a 59-inch stainless steel hose, which is flexible and makes your showers more convenient. If you prefer any of these features, then it’s the best RV shower available at this price range.

You will like that this hand shower maintains powerful flow even if the pressure is low, which is usual in RVs. Its small and dense holes release the water strongly but retain its softness. Still, this fixture saves up to 30 percent water.

The 360-degree alterable head allows you to customize the showers. Moreover, the head unplugs from its handle, which makes it more functional. Without the head, you can use the handheld for multiple other tasks apart from showers.

Talking about the hose, it’s explosion-proof because of the metal build. Plus, this hose has durable brass fittings. So, there is no chance that any of these components will rust in the future.
The handheld is easy to assemble. Remove the existing fixture and fit this one on its threads. This unit is compatible with all the standard connections. So, you will not face any troubles.



We suggest that you try Oxygenics 26481 RV shower head because of its tremendous pressure and water-conserving SmartPulse valve.

You can also go for ETL 26781, as it’s available at a bit lower price but has a performance-friendly nature. It also maintains high pressure, saves water, and gives you pleasant showers.






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