Rain Shower Head Vs Regular

When we first saw the rain shower head, we thought there was a mistake. We were in a luxury hotel, and when we walk to the shower, it appeared like someone had accidentally pushed the shower arm through the ceiling and the shower head came out of the roof rather than the wall.

In the shower, however, it did not take long to know that this was intentional. And we’ve discovered that a rain shower head is a piece of heaven, which is easy to install in your home. The big debate is rain vs regular shower debate.

Here is our take on this:

If you are already convinced to add luxury to the bathroom, here is our favorite model.

ShowerMaxx High Pressure 6 inch Round Rain Shower Head

ShowerMaxx has come up with this rain shower head perfect for the luxury spa and homeowners who do not compromise with anything instead of the best. The model is impressive because of its exclusive design, peerless function, and durable craftsmanship.

Those people looking forward to upgrading their bathroom into a luxurious hotel spa can go for this model. The mesh filter or sand disk is available that keep water flow free from sediment, smooth, and clean.

There is the rejuvenating feeling got from this rain shower head, which is a unique experience. Thanks to the showerhead kit included when buying it, which has everything the customers need to ensure hassle-free installation. Also, this rain shower head comes with the mesh sand filter disk and the pre-installed flow restrictor. The Teflon tape ensures no leakage when bathing or not in use.

This model has a high-quality ABS construction that is heat resistant, rust-resistant, and highly durable. You will get the engineered nozzle jets, which are self-cleaning and anti-clogging. Even more, it comes with a solid brass ball joint that allows you to tilt the shower head freely in whichever direction you desire.

Rain Shower Head vs Regular Shower Head

It is a fair debate, and you need to consider it. Some of our questions are probably the same as yours. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of a rain shower head and its contrasts with the regular one.

Also, we will provide some things you need to consider when deciding what to do to get the most out of the spa shower know-how.

What is the rain shower?

At first, the rain shower head should make you feel like you are using a rain shower. While that might sound a bit strange, it has a pretty cool feeling. Even though no one takes a shower in the rain, the rainy day brings many incredible feelings and emotions. Whether it’s a heavy storm in the summer or a gentle spring sprinkle, rain is nature’s calmest and most peaceful event.

Imagine you including all of this in an experience, which you could have every day. In short, a rain shower head does just that. It offers a shower-like experience that many find incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing.

  • The rain shower head is usually mounted to the ceiling of the shower, even though newer models can also be mounted to a side wall where the current shower head is likely to be located.
  • These shower heads are generally oversized and typically rectangular or square, and typical sizes are 8 to 10 inches wide.
  • Instead of the regular shower head that creates a constant flow of water up, down, or center of your body, a rain shower head should permit water to flow over your head.

Usually, there is not much pressure in these shower heads. To some extent, this fails as the primary goal of relaxing you. Nevertheless, there are several rain shower heads with adjustable pressure settings.

How is a rain shower head different from a regular shower head? Here are some key factors, which differentiate the rain shower head from the regular shower one.

Relaxation vs function

Many people install the rain shower head because of its relaxing properties. The feeling that the water around you falls on your head and down the body can be refreshing and relaxing.

Alternatively, a rain shower head is not as functional as a regular shower head. The regular models generally come in different settings so that you can clean as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Even if you choose a high-quality handheld shower head, you will get a function in the form of the shower. The rain shower system brings sophistication and luxury to the bathroom that the regular shower head would not have.

Installation process

There are many factors to consider when installing the rain shower head. If you follow the traditional method of installing a rain shower head on the ceiling, you will be required to install water piping in the area to install a rain shower arm. The chances of having water pipes on the roof above the shower are very small.

You can hire an expert to do this work or do it yourself, but there are some complications. Many people install the rain shower as the second shower head once they remodel the bathroom or replace the shower area. Also, you can choose the models that attach to the wall rather than the roof. They are growing in popularity and do not need much if there is any extra work.

Water pressure

The rainwater head usually does not have the highest water pressure. If you want solid and high-performance showerheads, the traditional rain shower models are not a big step for you.

They make the high-pressure rain shower heads be the best option for you in this case. You will get the best in both high pressure and relaxation.

How to choose between the rain shower head vs the regular shower head

The choice is always tricky, but here are some factors to consider when evaluating options:

  • If you need to give your bathroom a luxurious and elegant look, you will be required the rain shower heads. These units convey a sense of sophistication. In addition, consider adding an extra one in the guest bathroom, and the visitors will be impressed by that.
  • If you live in a place where water is costly, you may not like the rain shower heads. These showers may not use more water when compared to the regular options. You will generally spend much time showering if you have rain heads.
  • If you’re the type who likes to relax in the shower, you probably love the rain shower model. It enhances an already relaxing experience.
  • If you’re the type who wants to take a quick and straightforward shower, you probably won’t see much in the rain head.
  • If you have difficulty getting full water coverage in your shower with the regular shower head, you can take advantage of the larger rain showerhead.

Consider two types of shower heads

Many people prefer both a rain shower head and a regular shower head. Sometimes you prefer the rain model to relax and sometimes the regular one for function. Just as you can have a regular showerhead and a handheld showerhead, you can mix regular and rain units. This way, you can change it according to your settings or preferences.

Remember, you can get the best out of both units, which many like. And if you do not want to carry the dirty work of ripping down your bathroom to install the pipe in a roof, you can choose the wall-mounted version.






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