Modern Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

If you need a modern bathroom mirror cabinet, browse the suggested top-rated storage solutions with innovative technologies.

These wall-mounted bathroom fixtures give you a convenient spot to store all your medications, personal care products, and other bathroom-related essentials.

So, try any of the given medicine cabinets for bathroom as per your requirements.


1. Croydex Loxley Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Mounting type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

With a width of 30 inches, the Croydex Loxley cabinet is perfect for medium to large bathrooms where you need some additional storage space for medicines and toiletries. It’s a wall-mountable modern bathroom medicine cabinet with nine height-adjustable glass shelves behind a mirrored door.

Croydex Loxley has a mirrored internal back panel for added visibility. It also has sprung hinges for b degree better accessibility. This cabinet has a silver appearance, which suits any of the bathrooms.

This bathroom storage solution is made of water-resistant and durable aluminum. So, you don’t have to worry about early repairs or replacements. It’s compatible with both surface-mounted and recessed configurations. So, you can utilize any of them as per the bathroom décor and style.

Croydex Loxley follows a Hang ‘n’ Lock installation, which you can accomplish single-handedly. It’s effortless and straightforward to set up. You only have to follow four simple steps to secure the cabinet.

This modern bathroom mirror with storage is inexpensive but offers significant storage space. It’s available in 8 different dimensions. So, you can try any of them as per the open space and design.


2. Kohler 99007-TLC-NA Verdera


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Mounting Type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

Kohler 99007-TLC-NA Verdera is a mirrored medicine cabinet that looks good in any bathroom. It has a significant amount of storage space that can hold all your items. Apart from that, this wall-mounted bathroom accessory has two LED light strips that ensure maximum brightness.

These lights provide consistent illumination without any hot spots or harsh shadows. Moreover, the sparkles are dimmable. So, you can install a dim switch for complete control over the lights.

Kohler Verdera comes with pivoting side mirrors, which lets you direct the light wherever you need it the most. It also has a magnifying mirror inside, which adjusts vertically. What’s more? This storage solution includes two electrical outlets to charge small and portable devices like toothbrushes, trimmers, or smartphones.

You can install the Kohler Verdera above the sink, toilet, or anywhere else where you need some additional storage space. Its aluminum built is waterproof. Plus, the sleek lines and elegant appearance of this unit compliment most of the washrooms. If you want to brush, shave, or groom yourself without any compromises, then this modern bathroom mirror with shelf could be the right choice.


3. LVSOMT Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Marble Black
  • Mounting type: Surface Mount

LVSOMT bathroom cabinet has a timeless aluminum alloy construction, different from other variants because of a marble black shade. Its anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, odor-free, and easy to clean. In addition, this unit has a high load capacity, and it provides a long service life.

This modern bathroom medicine cabinet comes with an HD silver glass mirror that offers clear and bright reflections. It has an anti-bursting film that never allows the glass to splatter. Such an anti-explosion built is safe for you.

The LVSOMT cabinet offers a large storage capacity due to 4 hidden and two open shelves. It also has a built-in cosmetic bag that gives you five open compartments and one zippered pocket. This bag is clear, so you can see what’s inside. In addition, three towel hooks let you hang a variety of fabrics.

If you need additional storage in the living room, laundry, balcony, washroom, or powder room, then LVSOMT modern bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror could be the proper selection. It lets you store a variety of toiletries and keeps all of them safe for easy access.


4. Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Mounting type: Recessed Mount

Recessed storage cabinets are set back in your bathroom wall to hide their bulk and appear like a flush-mounted mirror. Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS is one of the best models in this category because it has durable aluminum construction, an elegant frameless design, and a bevel-edged mirror. This unit has a rust-free built, which is ideal for humid locations like your bathroom.

Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS is 20-inch tall and 16-inch wide, which is perfect if you own small space. But, that does not mean it’s not suitable for medium-sized or large washrooms. This one looks excellent in any area where you need some additional storage space.

The Kohler cabinet comes with reversible hinges that let you open it from the left or right. This modern bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror comes with two adjustable glass shelves. Its internal compartment is also mirrored. Besides, the door opens for 108 degrees for convenient access.

If you need a small storage solution without investing a high amount, then try the Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS. It’s stylish and durable but is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. However, this model follows recess installation only. So, you might have to consult a professional, especially if you are a beginner.


5. Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Mounting type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

Krugg Medicine Cabinet has a mirror integrated with lights that provides optimum brightness to make your daily tasks easy and luxurious. The lights are also dimmable so that you can control them as per your requirements. Dimming the gleams saves up to 90 percent of power.

It will help if you have lights with a CRI of 90 or more for suitable illumination. Such lighting is perfect for makeup and all other similar tasks. It’s the primary reason why Krugg uses lights with 90+ CRI. So, you can use this unit for jobs that seek accuracy.

This modern bathroom medicine cabinet is 36-inch tall and 24 inches wide. Plus, it’s available in three other variants with different heights. So, you can pick any of the known variants according to your requirements and budget.

The vanity cabinet mounts on the surface or can be recessed installed. It features a defogger pad behind its mirror, which keeps the mirror clean even after you enjoy a steamy shower. Apart from that, there is a 3X magnifying glass, which is also surrounded by LED lights. Krugg cabinet also features electrical outlets and USB ports to recharge all your electronic devices.


6. KOHLER K-99003-SCF-NA


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Mounting type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

If you need a modern bathroom mirror with storage, then take a closer look at the Kohler K-99003-SCF-NA. It’s strong and durable due to its aluminum construction. Plus, this unit has a clean and elegant design that suits any of the bathrooms.

Kohler K-99003-SCF-NA has three mirrors. One at its front, another inside door mirror, and rear panel mirror. On top of that, there is a flip-out mirror that’s vertically adjustable. So, it offers maximum visibility.

The medicine cabinet is 30-inch long, and it has a width of 20 inches. So, this storage accessory has significant space to store all your bathroom-related items. A door swing of 110 degrees gives easy access to your articles. Plus, the door has slow-close hinges, which adds to its elegance. Moreover, this model has adjustable shelves for customized storage. All the frames are made of tempered glass.

This bathroom accessory is easy to install. Also, it is compatible with both surface and recessed mount configurations. The required hardware is included with this product. Also, you can set this unit with either right or left-hand swing. Moreover, this unit has an aluminum finish that suits all the bathroom decors.




  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Mounting type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

If you need a decorative modern bathroom mirror with shelf, Kohler K-CB-CLW2026SS could be an excellent pick. This storage solution has an attractive aluminum made frame, which is chip-free and rust-resistant. So, apart from storing all your bathroom products, it also adds class to your washroom.

Kohler K-CB-CLW2026SS is 20 inches wide, and it has a length of 26 inches. Apart from the front mirror, its internal surfaces are also reflective. This unit has two height-adjustable shelves that let you customize the storage compartment. Besides, it has a 108-degree opening ability for convenient access.

Due to a unique silver shade, this medicine cabinet mixes well with any décor. Moreover, it’s available at a reasonable price tag. So, this model might be a perfect choice if you want to add some elegance to your space without investing a considerable amount.

This bathroom accessory follows either surface mounted or recessed installation. Moreover, you can install it with a right or left-hand swing. The hardware for both setups is included.


8. Hamilton Hills Medicine Cabinet


  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Color: White
  • Mounting type: Recessed or Surface Mounted

Hamilton Hills medicine cabinet is stylish and adds a modern touch to your bathroom. This bathroom accessory has a durable metal construction with protective powder coating. Apart from that, its white shade fairly suits any of the washrooms.

The medicine cabinet comes with a front mirror outlined with LED lights. Plus, its silver-backed glass has polished edges for added protection and an elegant finish. Also, the gleams work at a brightness of 1776 lumens and consume 17.5W.

Hamilton Hills unit is 16 inches wide and 26 inches long. It has four glass shelves to offer umpteen storage for all your daily use products. Still, this beautiful bathroom accessory is available at a reasonable price tag. But, you don’t think it not durable or has any quality issues. This unit passes through 8 inspection points and has a certification of authenticity.

This modern bathroom mirror with storage has a dual installation design. So, you can hang it on the bathroom wall or submerge it for a minimalistic appearance. All the hardware required for its configuration is included for your convenience.


9. FairyHaus Bathroom Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White Surface Mounted
  • Mounting type: Surface Mounted

FairyHaus wall cabinet is one of the cheapest storage solutions, perfect for small and medium-sized spaces. Manufactured using wood, this model is reasonably solid and long-lasting. Moreover, its white color is neutral to your eyes and suits any of the washroom decors.

As this bathroom accessory is made of engineered MDF, it’s solid and long-lasting. This model hangs on the wall and offers a safe storage place for your belongings. Apart from the washroom, you can also use it in your drawing room, kitchen, or living room.

The medicine cabinet brightens up your space because it comes with a mirror. So, it also works great for everyday makeup and similar tasks. Best part? This unit comes with three open and two hidden shelves. The hidden shelves are height adjustable.

FairyHaus cabinet is easy to install because it comes with marked components and easy-to-follow instructions. Moreover, this unit is easy to clean. It is available at a pocket-friendly price tag, which could be the lowest for such a high-quality product.

Overall, this modern bathroom mirror with shelf might be a perfect purchase if you own a small bathroom. It keeps your space clutter-free and has a mirror for face and skin care.



A wide variety of modern bathroom mirror cabinets are available in the US market. But, your search process becomes easy after knowing the recommendations as mentioned earlier.

These are the best medicine cabinets for bathroom because they are durable, stylish, and available at reasonable prices. So, pick one of them according to your requirement and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable space.






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