How To Install Electric Shower Head?

Electric showers are looked for to keep the steady water temperature from the cold water supply.

Different from water heaters that generate a significant electricity bill, an electric shower saves on energy.

The power consumption of an electric shower is expressed in kilowatts. If the wattage is higher, the shower’s performance will be better, and if the price is higher, the operation cost will also be higher.

The electric shower’s energy efficiency has a power rating of about 8.5, 9.5, or 10.5 kW. A person wishing to install them is supposed to have a basic knowledge of wiring and plumbing. Always turn off the power when installing the electric shower head to avoid a short circuit.

Factors to consider when installing the electric shower

Installing the electric shower is relatively straightforward, but some important things to consider before installing another one. Below are the factors you need to consider before installing a shower.

Water pressure: Checking the water pressure is essential for electric showers to work correctly. Even though the showers need minimal pressure and water flow, you need to know whether or not you require a pump. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the water pressure of the electric shower you have selected.

Size: You can measure your shower’s size with a tape measure or check the manufacturer’s dimensions. This will help you plan the installation space.

Accessible use of the shower handset: Before installation, you need to check whether everyone can comfortably use a shower handset before installing. If people who have different heights use the shower, are they comfortable in the shower? Please check the size so that children and tall people can use it.

Pay attention to cleanliness: Thoroughly clean the area where you plan to install a shower and remove any clutter. This will give you a clean and comfortable place to carry out the installation.

Materials needed to install the electric shower:

  • Double pole-pull switch
  • Masonry bit
  • Pipe cutter
  • Copper branch pipe
  • Wire sleeving: yellow and green
  • Stopcock
  • Power drill

Steps to install an electric shower head


  1. Find an easily accessible and safe place where you can install the electric shower near the water source. The diameter of the pipe should be 15 millimeters.
  2. Using the right masonry bit size, mark the holes in which the shower can be installed and drill the holes on the walls to install the anchors used to mount the screws.
  3. Cut a 1/2-inch branch copper tubing with the pipe cutter and remove the bits by filing the head. Then use a cut pipe to connect to the hole—the hose link between the water inlet and the main water valve.
  4. Take a newly installed branch tube to the main riser, but don’t connect and align directly. Place the stopcock on the end of a branch pipe, but make sure the flow arrow is not connected to the main riser. Alternatively, take the miniature isolating valve and place it to a branch pipe. Remember to turn off the shower unit so you can turn off the water during maintenance.
  5. Turn off a stopcock so that no water runs out and open the tap to drain all water left into a branch pipe.
  6. Attach the T-joints to a rising main and then tighten the cap-nuts to offer support and maintain the water pressure that passes through it. Measure and then cut an additional piece of the copper branch pipe. After that, connect the main stopcock with the T-joints fitted at the branch pipe end.
  7. Lastly, attach the shower head to the end of a branch pipe. Go back to where you made the pilot holes, attach the shower box, and connect a spray hose to the shower head and shower unit.

Electric shower head wiring

Step 1: Drill a hole in the ceiling to accommodate a double-pole switch that isolates the circuit. Attach a mounting plate to the top and screw it into position. Route the circuit cable through the mounting plate to the ceiling.

Step 2: Disconnect the extra cable from the switch to reveal the bare wires group: black, red, and earth wires. Take all available wires and twist them together if you do the same activity to the ground wires. Cover them separately with a green and yellow sleeve.

Step 3: The earth wires covered with the green and yellow terminals should be connected to terminal E, the red wire to terminal L, and then the black wire to terminal N.

Step 4: Disconnect the shower cable that connects to the shower and expose a set of bare wires, one black, and one red. Repeat the process as before by connecting the black wire to terminal L, red wire to terminal N, and then cover the bare wire stack with the yellow and green sleeves.

Step 5: Lastly, run the cold water in the shower to ensure there is no residue in the system. Maintain a full power that runs water to allow air to escape. Then turn off the power and connect the shower head to a hose. Before using a shower, make sure the device is at the correct temperature.


Installing the electric shower head is straightforward, as many believe. You might not be happy with the performance of the old shower, and after buying the new one, you might be wondering how to install it. Just follow the instructions above, and the installations will be instantaneous.

Purchasing the electric shower is a sustainable product, which will save money on the electricity bill. Get the upgraded electric shower head that keeps you squeaky clean and easy to install.






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