Corner Bathroom Cabinet

A corner bathroom cabinet can organize your space and add more comfort to your lifestyle. It adds adequate storage capacity to your washroom but does not occupy significant floor space.

If you want to try a bathroom corner cabinet, then take a look at our collection. The suggested models can make your bathroom clutter-free within a few minutes.


1. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

Keep your bathroom arranged and ordered with the help of RiverRidge’s tall corner cabinet. This Ellsworth series furniture comes with four shelves to fulfill your storage requirements. Moreover, it anchors to the walls for added stability. So, all your family members can use this unit without any fear.

This cabinet storage utilizes the unused corner of your bathroom to facilitate some additional depository. Its upper half has three open shelves, which is helpful to display items. Then, the unit has shutter doors that adds class to your washroom. There is an adjustable hidden shelf inside these doors to keep a variety of bathroom-related products.

You can also use this corner cabinet in the living room or dining area. It’s available at a reasonable price so that you can try it without any budget adjustment. Moreover, the RiverRidge storage solution is easy to assemble. So, you can set it up within a few minutes, especially if you have some ideas about such furniture.

Made of durable MDF, the cabinet is solid and long-lasting. It’s available in white, which is perfect for any décor. But, there is another variant with espresso shade, which works well if you don’t like white.


2. Spirich Home Tall Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

A convenient corner design is one of the primary factors why Spirich Home’s tall corner cabinet deserves your attention. Its space-saving design offers considerable storage space without taking all the open space. Moreover, it’s durable because of high-grade construction using engineered wood.

Sprich bathroom corner wall cabinet has a molded top with two doors to offer you both hidden and open storage compartments. The doors have an attractive beadboard design that hides all your toiletries with style. The shelf behind these doors is adjustable, which means it lets you store a variety of items.

This cabinet has an elegant crown molded top that adds style to your bathroom. Plus, it has a white shade that suits any décor. So, you can try this furniture for traditional as well as modern spaces.

If you want to utilize the bathroom corners, then the Spirich cabinet is the best model to try. It secures the wall for added stability. Hence, even the kids use this unit.
Spiich tall cabinet includes detailed instructions for assembly. Moreover, it’s available at an inexpensive price tag. So, you can attempt and set it up without any professional help.


3. Elegant Home Fashions Glancy Freestanding Bathroom Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Dark Espresso

Add some class to your space with this designer corner cabinet by Elegant Home Fashions. One adjustable shelve makes two storage compartments perfect for storing your medicines, face wash, lotions, and other cosmetics. You can even keep tall products because of this flexible shelf.

This unit has an elegant crown molded top, which you can use to display tableware. Its decorative louvered door operates using a smooth magnetic closing system. Then, there are chrome-plated doorknobs that add to the class.

The cabinet is beautiful because of its arched decorative skirt and shaker legs. Hence, you can use this attractive piece of furniture in the living room as well. It includes all the assembly hardware and instructions to configure them. So, you can try and assemble this storage solution without any help.

The glancy corner storage cabinet bathroom is manufactured using high-grade engineered wood, which is durable. Its dark espresso shade is unique and suits all the decors. If you don’t like this color, then there is another version with a white finish.


4. Spirich Floor Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

Spirich floor corner cabinet is a space-saving storage solution that has one adjustable shelf and two storage sections. So, it provides ample storage to rearrange your washroom and adds to your convenience. All your belongings stay safe inside its attractive beadboard doors.

This cabinet has decorative molding that adds class to your washroom. Apart from the internal compartments, you can also use the top to display attractive items. Plus, its brush nickel finish handle looks great with the white color.

Spirich small corner cabinet for bathroom is made of high-quality engineered wood. So, it’s solid and long-lasting. Moreover, this unit has a white shade that mixes well with any interior décor. What’s more? It secures the bathroom walls for better stability and safe usage.

Try the Spirich bathroom corner cabinet white if you need some additional storage space anywhere in the house, including the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. If you don’t like the plain white shade, then try its distinctive espresso variant.

This unit includes all the assembly instructions and hardware required for its setup. The price is also comparatively lower than other variants we discussed above. So, you can try this model without any budget expansion.


5. DANGJIN Corner Medicine Cabinet with Mirror


  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass Silver
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

You can clearly understand from its name, Dangjin medicine cabinet is an elegant storage solution with a built-in mirror. It has three shelves that add more storage space to your bathroom. Then, this unit has a stylish HD mirror to offer bright reflections. Due to the stainless steel build, it’s rust-free, water-proof, and durable.

The bathroom corner cabinet has silent hinges that minimize unwanted noises and also keep your fingers safe. Furthermore, it has a simple and easy-to-install design. You only need an electric drill to configure this unit in the bathroom.

Once ready, this medicine cabinet offers maximum stability and withstands 17.6 pounds on the top two fixed shelves. But, the bottom shelf can hold weight up to 22 pounds. So, you can combine this unit with a sink or even inside a shower. Apart from that, it’s also ideal for your kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or any other place where you need a grooming section.

Try this corner bathroom sink cabinet if you own small space. It comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide, which is very helpful if you are a beginner. Moreover, this unit suits both traditional and modern bathrooms.


6. RiverRidge Home Madison Collection Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

RiverRidge Home Madison corner cabinet is one of the best solutions to arrange all your bathroom-related products. Made of medium-density fiberboard, it’s extra-strong and durable. Plus, this unit has four shelves and five storage sections for maximum convenience.

The doors are sleek and look ravishing because of their horizontal grooves. They use an effective magnetic mechanism for easy access. Unique silver handles are another attraction. So, the RiverRidge cabinet looks great in your space and adds elegance to it.

This cabinet has an adjustable shelve hidden behind the door. So, you can store a wide range of daily-use products without any hassles. Moreover, its white shade suits any traditional or modern space.

Overall, RiverRidge bathroom corner cabinet storage maximizes storage space in your bathroom. It’s perfect for small washrooms. Plus, you can fix this unit into any corner nearby a sink or shower. What’s more? You can bring it home without investing a considerable amount. So, try it if you want to add some freshness to your washroom.


7. ITWAZ Tall Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet


  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Color: White

Itwaz tall corner bathroom cabinet has a sturdy polyvinyl chloride construction, which is water-proof and easy to clean. This built material is better than wood because of its lightweight and durable nature. Moreover, this unit looks great in any bathroom décor.

The floor cabinet is perfect if you own a small space because it makes your bathroom more comfortable and convenient. This unit has a white shade that enhances the appearance of your washroom. Moreover, you can also use it in your living room or any other cluttered place.

This bathroom storage comes with four storage compartments, wherein two of which are open, and the rest are hidden. The available sections are perfect for your hair gel, shaving foam, etc., and the door secures other bathroom products that need to be hidden.

Also, it has a 2-in-one design. In other words, you can split this unit as per the requirements. For instance, you can use the top two open shelves in the living room and the lower cabinet for the washroom.

Itwaz cabinet has compact dimensions that are perfect for small spaces. Its white shade mixes well with any décor. So, you place this storage solution at multiple locations.


8. Elegant Home Fashions Slone Corner Wall Cabinet


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White

Elegant Home Fashions Slone has a simple surface mount design, which lets you place it at any corner. Manufactured using tough MDG, this unit is solid and long-lasting. Moreover, it has a white finish that has maximum adjustability with a variety of decors.

This small corner cabinet for the bathroom has decorative louvered doors to hide all your toiletries. There is one shelf inside that provides two significant storage compartments. Also, you can use it top to display some expensive perfumes and deodorants.

You will like the fact that the internal shelf is height-adjustable. So, the Slone can accommodate any of the bathroom-related products irrespective of their height. Moreover, it has chrome-finished knobs for easy access to your belongings.

Elegant Home Fashions Slone a compact footprint, which means it’s not a liability if you own a small washroom. Instead, this cabinet adds a large storage area and keeps your bathroom clutter-free. It weighs only 24. 2 pounds. So, you can rearrange the bathroom setting after every few months.


9. Crosley Furniture Lydia Corner Cabinet


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Espresso

A space-saving bathroom corner wall cabinet is a welcoming addition to a small space. Crosley Furniture Lydia nests into a corner of your washroom or entry. So, this unit does not occupy much floor space to make you feel uncomfortable.

The clean-looking coastal cabinet adds hygiene to your bathroom because it keeps all your daily use products safe. You use toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, face wash, and many other products on your external and internal body parts. So, it’s better to keep them safe from dust, germs, and moisture. And Crosley Furniture Lydia does the same by hiding all your belongings behind faux-louvered doors.

Manufactured using wood, this corner storage cabinet bathroom saves a lot of space by organizing your washroom. Moreover, it’s easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth to remove all the dust.

If you own small space, then take advantage of the Lydia corner cabinet and enjoy three storage compartments. This unit offers the complete worth of every inch it occupies. Plus, this model looks beautiful in any décor because of its espresso shade. There is a white variant as well. So, you can try one of them as per the existing décor.



RiverRidge Ellsworth is the best corner bathroom cabinet because it offers long-lasting storage assistance and a stylish appearance. This model is also available at an inexpensive price tag. Other options are equally valuable, but everything depends upon your requirements. So, pick a bathroom corner cabinet that suits your interiors, budget, class, and other preferences.






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