Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

Why do you need the best toilet seat for heavy person? Because your comfort is essential, even if you are inside the bathroom. It feels utterly inconvenient when your butt hangs off the sides.

Fortunately, there are multiple toilet seats for fat people, which can make your toilet more comfortable. We have some of the best options here.




Material: Commercial grade plastic, Stainless Steel

Shape: Round

If you are a heavy person, then BEMIS 790TDGSL might be the perfect investment. Manufactured using commercial-grade plastic, it can withstand up to 500 pounds. This seat resists stains, chips, and other wear marks. So, it’s also perfect for commercial bathrooms.

Due to its robust built, the heavy-duty seat is solid and long-lasting. Still, it is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. This variant is suitable for round toilets. But, if you own a long piece, then it also has an elongated version.

Bemis 790TDGSL attaches to your toilet using two stainless steel posts and pintles, which never loosens because of their STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System. Moreover, it has super-grip bumpers that prevent this seat from shifting.

This model is manufactured in the USA, and hence, it cares for you. It comes with a soft close lid, which never makes any slamming sounds. So, tap the top, and the lid gently closes down without pinching your fingers.

Bemis toilet seat for heavy person is plastic-made, and hence, it’s rust/corrosion resistant. This bathroom accessory has a smooth surface, which means it’s easy to clean. So, try this option if you want an affordable and durable toilet seat heavy duty, which is also effortless to maintain.


2. Wekey Elongated Toilet Seat


  • Material: Urea-formaldehyde
  • Shape: Elongated

Wekey Elongated Toilet Seat is constructed using urea-formaldehyde, which is stable, eco-friendly, and unbreakable. It has been tested to withstand more than 400 pounds. So, try this one if you need a toilet seat for heavy people.

The elongated toilet accessory is nothing less than good news if you are a big person with wide hips and big bottom. This model is designed with UF, which maintains its hardness and colors even after years of usage.

You don’t have to worry about hand pinches and loud slamming sounds because the Wekey toilet seat comes with a SoftClose lid, which closes and opens without making any noise. So, you will never disturb any of your family members, even in the nighttime.

On top of that, this toilet attachment is easy to install because of its quick attach hardware. As an expert, you can set this seat up within 30 minutes. Overall, if you need a strong toilet seat for plus-sized users, this model could be perfect.


3. BEMIS 7750TDG


  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Elongated

Bemis is reputable for manufacturing high-quality and innovative bathroom accessories. The 7750TDG belongs to the same lot and is one of the strongest toilet seats for heavy persons. This model is designed and manufactured in the USA by following an earth-friendly process.

The 7750TDG is made of high-grade commercial plastic, which is solid and long-lasting. Moreover, it’s resistant to stains. So, you can clean this attachment easily. In addition, its posts and pintles are both made of stainless steel. Hence, this seat is corrosion and rust-resistant as well.

All thanks to the robust construction, Bemis 7750TDG provides complete peace of mind. Its elongated and contoured design keeps you comfortable. Moreover, this model is compatible with almost all the elongated toilet brands, including Kohler, Toto, and American Standard.

Bemis 7750TDG uses an impressive STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System. So, installation is a walk-in park, and you don’t have to tighten it again. Due to such a top-notch construction and steady installation, it’s suitable for both residential and industrial usage.

This toilet seat for heavy person is available at a budget-friendly price tag. Moreover, it has a unique open-front design. But, it does not include the bumpers.


4. Big John Products 2445646-1W


  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Round or Elongated

Big John Products 2445646-1W is a well-made front cover, which can withstand up to 1200 pounds. So, it could be the right choice if you need a toilet seat for heavy people. Overweight users feel secure and satisfied while sitting on a heavy-duty front attachment.

This toilet cover has an injection-molded construction using ABS plastic. The 2445646-1W is stain-resistant, which means you can clean it easily. Plus, this unit connects with the bowl using stainless steel hinges.

The 2445646-1W has an ergonomic design that adds comfort to your lifestyle. Its 19-inch contoured sitting surface ensures your relaxation and convenience. Plus, this unit utilizes synthetic rubber bumpers for stability. These bumpers raise the seat’s height by 2 inches, adding to your comfort even if you have a low-profile toilet.

A comfortable design is perfect for everyone, but it’s especially beneficial for plus-size elders and disabled users. So, this model could be perfect for your house and multiple other commercial establishments, including public restrooms, health clubs, and hospitals.

Big John Products 2445646-1W is easy to install. You need a wrench or pliers to set it up. If you are an experienced user, then you can complete the configuration within 30 minutes.


5. CENTOCORE 700-001


  • Material: Wood, Polypropylene
  • Shape: Round

Centocore 700-001 is a strong toilet seat that fits a variety of round toilets manufactured by Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and all the other major brands. So, you confidentially try this attachment after measuring your existing fixture.

The 700-001 has a heavy-duty molded polypropylene shell over a wood core. It’s a non-porous and super sanitary toilet attachment resistant to scratches, cracks, peels, fades, dents, and chips. So, you can say goodbye to spoilsports.

This wooden toilet seat has color-keyed bumpers that make it slip-resistant. So, if you are someone who sits on a closed toilet, then it might be a perfect choice. Don’t be afraid; this seat will never bend or crack due to extra weight because it can withstand up to 300 pounds.

Centocore 700-001 is manufactured in the USA and it’s easy to install. This version is standard and does not include a slow-close lid. Hence, it has a lower price tag. However, there is another version that comes with a soft close cover. Apart from that, there is separate variant for elongated toilets. Both the options are available at a budget-friendly price tag.


6. Centoco 200-001


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Shape: Round

Centoco 200-001 is constructed using polypropylene, which never cracks or peels off. It has a scratch-resistant high gloss finish, which never discolors or accepts stains. Hence, this attachment is effortless to clean.

This strong toilet seat has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. So, you can use it without any threat. Moreover, this front cover is integrated with permanently molded bumpers for added stability.

Centoco 200-001 has an ergonomic design that keeps you comfortable. It’s built to suit round toilets, but there is another version for elongated fixtures. This variant is available in white, which serves all the bathrooms. However, there are three other shades available if you are not a fan of plain white.

Don’t worry about the installation process if you like Centoco 200-001. It’s straightforward to set up, especially if you are an expert. This product includes all the required hardware. So, you don’t have to look at any other items.

As all the components of Centoco 200-001 are plastic-made, there are zero chances of rust or corrosion. Plus, it’s available at a budget-friendly price, this attachment could be a suitable investment if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in bathroom accessories.


7. Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W


  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Round or Elongated

Big John 2445263-3W has a unique and comfortable open front design. It gives you a rise of 2 to 2.5 inches above the rim height, which is perfect if you have owned a low-profile toilet. This attachment has a maximum weight capacity of 1200 pounds. So, it’s one of the most-heavy duty toilet seats for overweight users.

The 2445263-3W is made of injection-molded ABS plastic that’s highly durable and resistant to chemicals. Plus, this toilet cover uses stainless steel hinges to connect the toilet. So, it’s a sturdy attachment that lasts for many more years to come.

Big John toilet seat has stabilizing rubbers that keep it steady. Moreover, there is a wide split at its front that’s helpful for physically challenged users and individuals with mobility challenges. Hence, it’s suitable for residential usage and works well in commercial establishments like hospitals and health clubs.

This toilet seat heavy duty is easy to install. You can set it up using a wrench or pliers. This model is available at a higher price tag if we compare it with other recommendations. But, 2445263-3W is worth your investment because of its comfort, high weight capacity, and stability.


8. Centoco 220-001


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Shape: Round

The 220-001 round plastic-made toilet is brought to us by Centoco, one of the reputable manufacturers of bathroom accessories. This attachment is sleek, self-friendly, and affordable. Plus, it has all the features that you expect from a high-end toilet cover.

Manufactured using polypropylene plastic, this attachment can withstand up to 300 pounds. It has molded bumpers for added stability. Moreover, this unit has a high gloss finish that never peels or crack.

Centoco 220-001 is suitable for residential bathrooms and works well for light-duty commercial establishments. It has stainless steel hinges that are plated with zinc for additional protection.

This toilet seat heavy duty is made of rust and corrosion-free materials. So, it stays at your service for many more years to come. Plus, its impact-absorbing hinges ensure you don’t have to tighten them repeatedly.

Centoco attachment is easy to install. Moreover, it can withstand chemicals so that you can clean it as per the requirements. This model is only compatible with round toilets. So, measure yours before ordering it.


9. Centoco 1400SC-106


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Shape: Round

Centoco is an expert in creating compelling products at affordable price tags. The 1400SC-106 is no different because it offers complete comfort to heavy users. Hence, this attachment could be a wise purchase if you need a sturdy and heavy-duty toilet cover.

The 1400SC-106 has a round shape with an ergonomic contour design, which fits your hips to keep you comfortable. Moreover, this seat has sanitary color-keyed bumpers that don’t loosen or fall off. So, all the users can enjoy its experience irrelevant of their weight.

Constructed using high-grade polypropylene, the Centoco 1400SC-106 is a solid and long-lasting toilet seat heavy duty. It has a scratch-resistant finish, which also withstands strong chemicals and cleansers. Moreover, this attachment is rust and corrosion-free.

If you need a toilet seat for heavy people that can work for all your family members, then try the Centoco 1400SC-106. It comes with a soft close seat to provide noiseless and slamming-free usage. Such a feature also offers additional security for kids and pets.

Manufactured in the USA, the 1400SC-106 is easy to install. It’s compatible with all the round toilets, but we suggest you purchase it after measuring your existing fixture.



Comfort is an essential factor to consider while searching for the best toilet seat for heavy person. We assume that you are pleased with the options mentioned above.

All these toilet seats are heavy-duty, robust, comfortable, and long-lasting. Most of them are available at a budget-friendly price tag. So, you can try any one of the given options as per your preferences. Happy dumping.






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