Best Dual Flush Toilet

Pick the best dual flush toilet if you want to save up to 20 percent water every year. Moreover, such a bathroom accessory offers multiple other features to give you comfortable times inside the bathroom.

Here, we are reviewing some top rated dual flush toilets. So, you can easily pick something according to your needs.




  • Material: Porcelain
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Siphon Flushing
  • Water consumption: 1.0/1.6 GPF

Woodbridge T-0019 is an excellent dual flush toilet if you want to install a reasonably priced fixture in your bathroom. This model has a rough-in of 12 inches, which means it can fit any space without hassles or extensive alterations.

The sitting height of this model is 18 inches. So, you can sit down and get up conveniently. This height is similar to a chair, so senior citizens and disabled users can also easily access the Woodbridge toilet.

The dual flush system allows you to use less water for liquid waste and a significant flow to remove heavy debris. The half flush consumes 1.0 gallons per flush, while the full flush uses 1.6 GPF. The T-0019 has a siphon flushing design, which removes all the waste within a few seconds without leaving any residue.

Woodbridge T-0019 is constructed using white porcelain, which looks great in any washroom décor. Moreover, its clean lines and sharp appearance adds elegance to your space. As this is a one-piece toilet, there are no spaces or gaps to hide dust and microbes. So, easy cleaning is another benefit here.

Do you like the Woodbridge T-0019? Then, you will also love that it comes with everything required. This unit has a soft close seat, lid, installation instructions, wax ring, and floor bolts. It also includes a wrench tool, which is very helpful in tightening the bolts.

Overall, Woodbridge T-0019 is a WaterSense certified dual flush toilet that saves a lot of money on bills and looks stylish while doing it. It might be a great choice if you want to add a modern, quiet, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain unit in your bathroom.


2. American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option


  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Siphon jet bowl technology
  • Water consumption: 0.98/1.28 GPF

American Standard toilets are perfect for US households, and this H2Option is not different. With an elongated bowl and 15 inches of rim height, it’s ideal for any bathroom. This unit consumes only 0.92 GPF in semi-flush, while the full flush uses 1.6 GPF. Both the flushes are WaterSense certified.

The 2889218.020 H2Option is equipped with a PowerWash rim, which scrubs the bowl by hitting it with high-pressure water flow. Moreover, the bowl has an EverClean surface that keeps it clean.

This layer never allows waste to stick on the inner surface. It also keeps the external parts safe from fungus, mold, mildew, algae, and dust particles. So, you don’t have to panic even if you miss the cleaning session once.

American Standard 2 stage flush toilet has an inbuilt sanitary dam for added hygiene. Moreover, the EverClean layer is not limited to the bowl. It covers all the surfaces, including the trap. So, even the unseen parts of your toilet remain germ-free.

This dual-flush fixture does not include a seat. So, you can try any of the soft-close seats as per your preferences. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on chinaware and limited five-year coverage on all the mechanical parts to compensate.


3. DeerValley DV-1F026


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Siphon Flushing
  • Water consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPF

DV-1F026 is a stylish toilet that suits your bathroom and complements other fixtures. This unit has a one-piece design with concealed trapway, which means it’s easy to clean. Moreover, the toilet has an elongated bowl that’s more comfortable when compared to the round ones.

DeerValley DV-1F026 comes with two flushing options that you can use to deal with liquid and solid waste. For light-duty flush, it consumes 0.8 GPF and 1.28 GPF for solid waste. Both the flushes are very powerful but make no noise whatsoever.

You will like the durable ceramic construction of DeerValley DV-1F026. It has an ADA-compliant height of 17 inches, which is perfect for all users. This comfortable sitting height prevents back and knee pain, ideal for senior citizens and disabled users.

An included soft close seat ensures quiet usage. So, you can use this toilet even in the middle of the night without waking up everyone. It’s an easy release seat. Therefore, you can easily take this component out for cleaning or replacement.

DeerValley DV-1F026 is primarily designed for small and medium-sized bathrooms, but it looks great anywhere. The toilet has a glazed surface to keep it germ and dust-free. This layer is self-cleaning, and hence, its simplifies maintenance.

This one piece dual flush toilet includes everything that you need to install it. This unit has floor bolts, a high-quality wax ring, a pre-installed flush valve, and installation instructions. Try it if you want to conserve water and enjoy powerful flushing without any noise.


4. HOW HWMT-8733G


  • Material: Porcelain, Ceramic
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Siphon-Flushing
  • Water consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPF

If you have a small bathroom, you would like a compact toilet to offer more space. It’s why you can try HWMT-8733G that’s not only compact but also one of the top rated dual flush toilets. This fixture is an efficient model, saving a significant amount of water and reducing your utility bills.

One of the most impressive benefits of HWMT-8733G is that it allows you to use light and heavy flushes as per the requirements. The half flush is excellent for dealing with liquid waste, and the heavy flush eliminates solid waste without wasting a second. It has dedicated buttons to facilitate usage.

Due to a siphon flushing mechanism, HWMT-8733G never leaks or blogs. Moreover, the flushes never create any noises to disturb your partner and other family members. Hence, you can use this toilet even during odd hours.

How HWMT-8733G has a one-piece skirted design with a hidden trapway. Such a modern appearance adds elegance to your bathroom. It also has a Self-clean glaze to make the cleaning sessions easy. The waste never sticks to the bowl, and hence, it stays clean.

Hygiene is one of the essential factors to consider while choosing a 2 stage flush toilet. It’s one of the reasons why HWMT-8733G deserves your attention because this unit keeps your family safe from bacterial contaminations.




  • Material: Porcelain, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Automatic
  • Water consumption: 1.0/1.6 GPF

Technology is taking over our lives in every department, and Vovo TCB-090S is the perfect example. It offers hygienic washes, reduces toilet paper usage, and conserves water by providing dual flushing options. This unit uses 0.9 gallons of water for liquid waste removal and 1.28 for solid wastes. You don’t have to judge which one to pick because the flush is automatic.

Vovo Stylement TCB-090S comes with an automatic lid, which opens and closes without any user interference. Once you finish the business, it offers rear or front wash. You can change the water temperature and pressure as per the weather. A built-in dryer completes the process.

The TCB-090S has an air deodorizer, killing all unpleasant odors and keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. For night usage, it comes with LED lights. The toilet comprises a remote, which helps you to enjoy all its functions. The remote also allows you to set different preferences for yourself and your better half. So, you two don’t have to argue over water or seat temperature.

This one piece dual flush toilet has a skirted design, which is easy to maintain. Its water spray nozzle also cleans itself after each usage. So, this fixture is safe and hygienic for your family.

Vovo TCB-090S has a unique rectangular shape, but it gives you a comfortable sitting position. This model is comparatively expensive but could be a solid choice if you like to play with all its high-tech features.


6. KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth


  • Material: China
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Class Five flushing technology
  • Water consumption: 1.1/1.6 GPF

Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth is an affordable and efficient toilet available in a two-piece structure. The most significant benefit of this model is its Class Five flushing technology, which offers powerful cleaning and plug-free performance. This mechanism gives you a choice of 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush.

The Wellworth is WaterSense certified, which means it saves up to 16500 gallons of water every year. But, this toilet never compromises on its performance. Hence, you can reduce the water and energy bills without any inconvenience.

Kohler K-3987-0 has a round bowl, which means it covers minimal floor space. So, this model could be perfect if you have a small bathroom. However, that does not mean you cannot try this fixture for a medium-sized or large space. Due to its excellent design and white appearance, it looks great anywhere.

Constructed using high-quality vitreous china, Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth is a long-lasting bathroom accessory. It’s available in three different shades, which means you can pick any color according to the existing décor.

Kohler K-3987-0 has a rim height of 14.5 inches, which is suitable for all adults, but might not work for seniors or disabled individuals. Keep in mind that this 2 stage flush toilet does not include a seat. So, you need to buy this component separately. It might not be a problem because you can have a soft close seat on Amazon. You can also contact a local plumbing store.


7. Woodbridge White B0920/T-0020


  • Material: Porcelain
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Siphon Flushing
  • Water consumption: 1.1/1.28 GPF

If you are attracted to edges more than curves, then you might like the Woodbridge B0920. It’s a stylish toilet with a square design that appears like a cube. This fixture has a one-piece design, which means it has no corners or seams to hide the dirt.

Woodbridge B0920 has a siphon flushing system, which is powerful but does not make any noise. It comes with a fully glazed flush system, which ensures high-quality performance without any leaks or clogs. So, you don’t have to waste much time on its maintenance.

WaterSense certification is another impressive point. It means that this bathroom accessory conserves water without compromising on the flushing power. Plus, this unit saves a lot on your water and energy bills.

This toilet is suitable for all the bathrooms, including modern, traditional, craftsman, etc. Its sleek appearance and white shade match any décor. Moreover, you can easily clean this unit because of its smooth design.

The toilet includes all the hardware that you need for its installation. It comes with floor bolts, a high-end wax ring, pre-installed water fitting, and installation instructions. This unit also gives you a unique wrench tool to tighten all the bolts.

Woodbridge B0920 is one of the best rated dual flush toilets because of its comfortable sitting height of 18 inches. In addition, it includes a high-end soft closing seat with stainless steel hinges. These hinges are easy to release. So, you can take out the seat for cleaning or tightening.


8. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Dual Tornado flush
  • Water consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPF

Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy is a stylish one-piece toilet, which is very easy to clean. It comes with a Dual Tornado flush that lets you use either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush (GPF). The toilet is WaterSense certified and meets strict EPA flushing guidelines. So, it can reduce both your water and energy bills without sacrificing performance.

The flushing mechanism uses two nozzles to create a centrifugal force, resulting in efficient flushes. So, your toilet remains clean and hygienic. Hence, it’s perfect for households where more than one member uses the same bathroom.

Constructed using top-quality ceramic, SM-1T112 Ivy is strong and long-lasting. Its white shade suits any of the standard settings. Moreover, this model has a distinctive design that makes your bathroom unique.

The one piece dual flush toilet has an elongated bowl, which is comfortable for all users. It includes a soft close seat that expands and collapses without making any noise. Moreover, this seat is easy to remove. So, you can quickly take it out for cleaning and tightening.

To be specific, SM-1T112 Ivy saves around 16500 gallons of water every year. So, it reduces your utility bills up to a large extent. Try this model if you want to conserve water for our future generations or save some money on the water and energy bills.


9. KOHLER Veil One-Piece Skirted Toilet – K-1381-0


  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Finish: White
  • Flush: Gravity Siphon Jet
  • Water consumption: 0.8/1.28 GPF

Kohler K-1381-0 is one of the best rated dual flush toilets because of its pretty face, comfortable design, and efficiency. It gives you a choice of 0.8 or 1.28 GPF, which is lower than traditional 1.6-gallon variants. Hence, this unit saves up to 6000 gallons of water per year.

This toilet has a full glazed trapway measuring 2-1/8 inches. So, the wastes exit immediately. Hence it never creates unwanted messes like leakage and blocks.

The K-1381-0 is not a very big toilet, neither it’s too small. So, this fixture is perfect for small or large-sized bathrooms. It could fit into a small space as well, but that depends upon the layout.
If toilet cleaning is a game, then K-1381-0 could be the winner. Its one-piece design does not have any unreachable corners. You might enjoy wiping its smooth surface.

Kohler K-1381-0 comes with a quiet-close seat, making zero sound when you expand or collapse its lid. So, using the toilet during the odd hours becomes easy. Its soft closing movement also protects the bowl from unwanted slamming.

This bathroom accessory has a standard 12-inch rough-in. So, you can install it easily with some experience. Keep in mind that this fixture does not connect directly with the flange. Instead, it comes with a separate trap attachment that fits with the toilet trap. Therefore, consult a professional if you are beginner.


Buying Guide of dual flush toilet

After reading the dual flush toilet reviews, you can easily understand that these bathroom accessories are manufactured to conserve water. But apart from ensuring less water consumption, there are some other factors that you should consider.

WaterSense certification: Most of the 2 stage flush toilet consumes low amount of water. But, it’s only fruitful if these fixtures are flushing effectively. It is where the problem lies. Some of the variants use less water, but their flushing performance is poor.

So, search for a toilet that has WaterSense or EPA certification. This label means that the toilet consumes less water but never degrades its flushing strength. Keep in mind that it’s not about the size of the cistern. Instead, we are talking about the number of flushes.

Some of the dual flush toilets waste as low as 0.8 GPF, but you have to flush them twice or thrice to get rid of all the waste. Such a bathroom fixture cannot conserve water. So, find something with WaterSense.

Comfort: Most of the top rated dual flush toilets are at least 16 inches tall. ADA suggests a sitting height of 17 inches. For added comfort, some of the models are built with a height of 18 inches. It’s one of the most important factors to check, especially if you are a senior citizen or tall individual.

Apart from the sitting height, it’s better to look at the shape as well. In the dual flush toilet reviews, you might have noticed that these units are available in multiple forms, including round, elongated, and square. Round models work great for compact spaces, but elongated ones are high on comfort.

Sound levels: Some of the 2 stage flush toilets quietly remove the waste, but others make resonant sounds. It’s not big trouble if you live alone. But, things are different in some instances.

For example, such noises can be disturbing if your baby is trying to sleep. Or your partner or any other family member is a light sleeper. Hence, investing in a silent bathroom accessory could be beneficial in such situations.

Maintenance: While reading the dual flush toilet reviews, you might have noticed that some of these models are available with a protection glaze. Such a layer protects the toilet from stains and bacteria to keep your bathroom hygienic. Moreover, it also reduces the cleaning frequency.

Apart from that, one-piece toilets are easy to clean. So, try investing in such a variant if you don’t clean the bathroom every other day. In addition, try something with a powerful flush. A forceful water flow also helps you to keep the toilet clean.



Now you know nine top rated dual flush toilets. Based on all the factors we discussed in the buying guide, Woodbridge T-0019 is the best dual flush toilet because of its powerful performance and comfortable built.

This model has a single-piece design, which means it’s easy to clean. In addition, this recommendation is available at a reasonable price tag.






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