Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Lights

Finding a suitable bathroom mirror cabinet with lights is not easy because you have to consider something that suits your requirements and existing décor.

Hence, we are here with some of the best bathroom cabinets with mirror and lights. Take a look and pick an option that seems suitable for your washroom.


1. Kohler 99007-TLC-NA Verdera


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum

Kohler 99007-TLC-NA Verdera is one of the best lighted bathroom mirror cabinets, as it features a sleek and stylish design and optimal bright gleams illuminations. This cabinet has a dimmer switch, which lets you control the atmosphere of your space. If you frequently shave, pluck, brush or apply makeup, then this might be a perfect choice.

Verdera comes with long-lasting LED bulbs, which work well for up to 36 000 hours. These gleams offer a maximum brightness of 1300 lumens and ensure consistent lighting without any dark spots. You can install the dimmer switch near the cabinet or onto an adjacent wall at your convenience.

The bathroom cabinet has a pivoting mirror, which allows you to direct light where you need it. Then, it has a magnifying mirror on the inside. It is vertically adjustable. Apart from that, there are electrical outlets for added convenience.

This medicine cabinet can be surface or recess mounted as per your preference. Hardware and installation instructions are included with the product. This bathroom accessory is made of Aluminum. So, there are zero chances of rust and corrosion. In other words, you can enjoy its services for many more years to come.


2. Krugg LED Cabinet


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver

If you need an elegant bathroom cabinet with light, then try this option by Krugg. It uses powerful LED lights to create an attractive storage solution and expresses luxury in your bathrooms. If you look at the cabinet from a distance, it produces a modern illumination. But, the cabinet offers unmatched light dispersion when you stand close.

The LED cabinet has an innovative touch icon, letting you power on/off the lights or dim them. Inside the lighted mirror, it has a 3x magnified mirror that’s also lighted for added convenience. This LED-lit mirror is perfect for detailed makeup.

Krugg bathroom cabinet has two traditional electrical outlets and 2 USB ports to keep your beauty machines or smartphones charged. Then, it has an impressive defogging technology, which means you don’t have to deal with condensations. Plus, you don’t have to wipe the mirror before every use.

You can surface or recess mount the Krugg cabinet as per your preferences. This model is made of Aluminum, which means it’s long-lasting and repair-free. Its luxurious design and silver shade are perfect for modern bathrooms.


3. KOHLER Bathroom Cabinet Verdera K-99003-TLC-NA


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum

Kohler K-99003-TLC-NA boasts a sleek aluminum built for a timeless experience. Then, this bathroom accessory has dimmable lights integrated into its doors. These LED gleams provide maximum light for makeup and grooming.

This bathroom cabinet with mirror and light is equipped with a couple of electrical outlets, which is helpful when you want to charge a trimmer, toothbrush, or any other device. In addition, there is a magnifying mirror that assists you during detailed finishing tasks.

You don’t have to face any challenges while using the Verdera K-99003-TLC-NA because its efficient lights never leave any dark or hot spots. Consistent lighting helps you to finish daily tasks without any irritation. Moreover, you can install a dimmable switch to reduce the brightness and reduce power consumption.

The Kohler cabinet is compatible with both surface mounted and recessed installation. All the hardware and setup instructions are included with it. So, you can fit it in any of the bathrooms, especially if you are an expert.

This unit is manufactured using Aluminum, which is water-resistant and long-lasting. So, you can enjoy its services without any interruptions.


4. Hamilton Hills Cabinet


  • Materials: Metal
  • Color: White

Hamilton Hills cabinet is a rare combination of vanity lights and storage cabinet. You can mount this unit on the washroom wall or recess it inside. So, customizing your space becomes easy with this model.

This bathroom cabinet mirror with lights has four shelves, so that you don’t have to compromise on space. Apart from that, the LED lights switch placed smartly inside the mirror for easy access. These illuminations provide you with a brightness of 3500K lumens and consume 17.5W.

Due to solid metal construction and powder coating, this storage solution is long-lasting. The length of the mirror is 26 inches, and its width is 16 inches. The given dimensions offer comfortable coverage to all the users in your family.

Hamilton Hills cabinet is available at a budget-friendly price tag, but that does not mean it’s built using inferior components. On the contrary, this bathroom accessory passes eight inspection points. Plus, it comes with a manufacturer’s certification authenticity.

The glass has a protective silver coating on its rear. Plus, all the hardware is included. So, you can safely install this unit without consulting an expert. This model has been manufactured in the USA by a brand producing mirrors for the last three decades. Therefore, you can trust its built quality.


5. Kohler 99009-TLC-NA Verdera


  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum

If you want to see your better self, then try the Kohler 99009-TLC-NA Verdera. It offers bright and consistent light that mimics natural shine. Moreover, this bathroom accessory has pivoting side panels so that you can direct the light rays where you need them.

Kohler’s large bathroom mirror cabinet with lights is compatible with LED dimmers, but it does not include one. But, this unit comes with a magnifying mirror to make your grooming tasks easy. Plus, it has built-in electrical outlets that serve well when you want to recharge a trimmer, toothbrush, or any other similar device.

Verdera 99009-TLC-NA has anodized aluminum construction, which is chip-resistant, rust-free, and long-lasting. It uses slow-close hinges, and it has a 110-degree door swing. This product includes all the hardware for recessed or surface mount installation. But, we recommend that you consult an expert for its setup.

The 99009-TLC-NA is one of the costliest lighted bathroom medicine cabinets. However, its significant size, elegant appearance, and high-grade LED lights justify the price tag. If you want maximum lighting and adjustability, then try this model.


6. Jarboe Bathroom Storage Cabinet


  • Materials: Copper-free silver, glass
  • Color: Silver

Jarboe storage cabinet is high on functionality and style, but its price tag is comparatively meager. Its elegant design suits any of the bathrooms. Plus, the silver appearance mixes well with other fixtures.

This bathroom cabinet with light has a length of 28 inches and is 20 inches wide. So, it gives you significant space to check yourself. Moreover, there are three shelves inside. Therefore, this storage solution can hold all your cosmetics and other bathroom-related products.

The bathroom storage cabinet has a touch switch to control its lights. You can turn on, off, and dim the gleams using this button. Moreover, this cabinet has a memory function to set the brightness and display the same when you next time uses it.

You will like the fact that its shelves are height-adjustable, which is very convenient. But, the most impressive feature is its anti-fog function, which you might not find at this price tag.
Manufactured using Aluminum, the bathroom storage unit uses a copper-free silver mirror. This product comes with all the hardware required for its installation. Due to its top wiring, the setup becomes easy.


7. MIRPLUS Bathroom Cabinet


  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Color: White

Wall-mounted lighted bathroom medicine cabinets are designed to be installed on a wall, similar to hanging a painting. And the Mirplus bathroom cabinet deserves your attention because it’s modern and elegant. This model has a solid aluminum build and white appearance that suits any of the bathrooms.

Mirplus bathroom cabinet comes with an inductive switch control that lets you open without making any contact. It has an innovative sliding sensor at the bottom. So, you can easily open or close the mirror without any inconvenience. Such a feature is useful when your hands are stained or wet.

This bathroom cabinet has aluminum construction, which is moisture-proof and durable. Plus, it’s certified by ETL and has an IP44 rating. Hence, this unit is safe for wet areas.

The Airplus bathroom cabinet has three shelves comprising two height-adjustable layers. So, you can store a lot of bathing and makeup products inside it. Apart from a storage solution, this unit is also an assistant to applying daily makeup.

This bathroom accessory comes with high-quality LEDs that work up to 50 000 hours. So, even you use the cabinet for 5 hours every day (which is practically impossible in a residential environment) he lights can last up to 27 years.


8. MAVISEVER LED Lighted Bathroom Cabinet


  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum

If you want an elegant storage solution for your washroom, then take a closer look at this option by Mavisever. This bathroom accessory has two built-in LED strips on its mirror. These gleams offer a brightness of 6000K, which is perfect for daily activities.

You can control the lights using a front panel. Apart from that, the panel has multiple other options, including a clock and Bluetooth. Yes, you read it right. This unit comes with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, which lets you enjoy some tracks while taking a shower. On top of that, it has a mirror defogger for added convenience.

This bathroom cabinet with mirror and light has a clock and temperature display, which is unique. Apart from that, it comes with adjustable height shelves that are built using 4mm tempered glass. What’s more? This bathroom accessory has USB 2.0 port and 20Amp outlet that are helpful if your trimmer or smartphone is low on battery.

Mavisever’s bathroom cabinet has a solid anodized aluminum body and anti-explosion mirror glass. Plus, its ETL certified and has a construction that follows IP44 waterproof standards. Hence, you can be assured that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


9. Krugg LED Cabinet


  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver

If you need a lighted bathroom mirror cabinet that can cover multiple users simultaneously, then this option by Krugg might be a suitable purchase. It has three doors and umpteen storage space to accommodate all the bathing and makeup products of an average and large household.

You will like the fact that this LED cabinet has three separate 3x magnifying mirrors, which is perfect if multiple individuals want to use it simultaneously. This unit also has USB outlets for your trimmer. Moreover, it has a defogger pad that prevents any condensation.

The LED cabinet has a front switch, which lets you change its light levels and memory functions. Its lights are dimmable, which means you can save up to 98 percent of the power.

Krugg cabinet has aluminum construction, which is rust-corrosion-resistant and durable. Apart from that, it follows surface mount or recessed installation for a sleek appearance. This unit has a length and width of 42 and 72 inches, respectively. So, it’s not only perfect for your bathroom but also works well in a dressing room.



Choose a bathroom mirror cabinet with lights according to its build quality, brightness, and functionality. We have suggested some expert recommendations to make your selection process easy.

The models listed above are the best storage solutions for your bathroom. So, try one of them according to your requirements.






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