Bathroom Cabinet For Vessel Sink

A bathroom cabinet for vessel sink is in trend in this days. If you are craving to reconstruct your bathroom, these furniture pieces are perfect for both traditional and modern spaces. Before you pick a vessel sink vanity, consider the given options and select one of them according to your style and preferences.


1. Vanity Art Bathroom Vanity Set – VA3024-42-W


  • Materials: Engineered Wood, Oak Wood, Ceramic
  • Color: White

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, then take a look at this set by Vanity Art. This white vessel sink vanity echoes with any interior décor and freshens your space with its transitional style. Moreover, it has five drawers to provide ample storage. So, this unit is not only eye-candy but also adds a significant repository to your space.

Vanity Art VA3024-42-W is a combination of oak, plywood, and ceramic. So, you can easily understand that it’s a long-lasting item that can withstand frequent usage. Organizing your bathroom becomes easy because this unit can store all the towels, cleaning supplies, toilet papers, and other bathroom-related items.

Here is the good news.

The vessel vanity cabinet comes with a matching mirror, which makes your washroom more functional and luxurious. So, this set acts as an all-in-one package, wherein you can store all your grooming products and apply them without investing in any other bathroom accessory.

Vanity Art VA3024-42-W is a moisture-proof set, which is perfect for bathrooms. Plus, it has sufficient storage for a medium to large-sized household. Try this option if you want an organized bathroom.


2. Dorel Living Monteray Beach


  • Materials: Wood, Granite, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Grey

Do you reside close to a beach or ocean? Or do you want a summer feel in your bathroom? The Dorel Living Monteray Beach is the perfect seaside addition to your house. Manufactured using engineered wood, solid wood, and wood veneer, this vanity has features to make your lifestyle more comfortable.

Dorel Living Monteray Beach has multiple paint layers and lacquer coats for durability. Its composite granite countertop is non-porous, resilient, and easy to clean. What’s more? All the hardware is made of stainless steel, including the knobs. Also, the drawers are constructed of solid wood so that they can withstand everyday usage.

The bathroom vanity cabinet for vessel sink has pre-drilled holes for a four and 8-inch center-set faucet, which is helpful for easy installation. There is also a back panel cut out. It’s available in multiple sizes and colors so that you can pick the perfect option for your bathroom. This unit could be best for your master bathroom, but it’s also suitable for guest washroom or powder room.

All the required hardware is included with the product, and it’s easy to assemble. So, try this vanity set if you want a classic and timeless piece of furniture in your bathroom.


3. eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo


  • Materials: Engineered Wood, Stainless Steel, Resin
  • Color: Grey

If you own a small space that cannot accommodate a full-size vanity, then try the eclife combo. This bathroom vanity is impressive because of its compact size and grey shade, which complement any washroom. Furthermore, its wall-mountable design is perfect for small spaces wherein you don’t have enough floor space.

Eclife bathroom vanity fits inside any bathroom without overcrowding it. Thanks to a faucet aerator, this vessel sink vanity is also eco-friendly and saves up to 30 percent water. The water-conserving nature makes it unique because most of the vanities do not have any such features.

This modern and stylish vanity has a grey shade that fits perfectly in any décor. Its MDF paint is smooth and convenient to clean. Moreover, it’s durable and easy to assemble.
Unfortunately, Eclife vanity does not have any storage space because there are no shelves or drawers. The cabinet only hides the sink pipe. So, try any other option if you want to add some storage to your washroom.


4. Dorel Living Otum Bathroom Vanity


  • Materials: Engineered Wood
  • Color: White

The Dorel Living Otum could be an excellent addition to your bathroom because of its multiple drawers and a pair of easy to open doors. It’s a functional piece of furniture that offers ample storage space. Moreover, this bathroom vanity has an impressive design that looks excellent in any décor.

Manufactured using engineered wood, the Otum has multiple paint layers and a lacquer coating for shine and durability. This finish does not wear off, even after frequent usage over the years. It also has a stone countertop, which is resilient, anti-bacterial, non-porous, and easy to clean.

Another great thing about Dorel Living Otum is its availability in different finishes. If you don’t like this white shade, then it has five more variants in different colors.

Dorel Living vessel sink vanity includes an oval-shaped porcelain sink and backlash. But, it does not come with a drain or faucet. The installation process is straightforward, but this unit is hefty at 147 pounds. So, it’s better to take some external help, especially if you are a beginner. Also, this unit is tough to relocate once you assemble it. Therefore, preplan its spot.


5. Mahayla Small Bathroom Cabinet Vanity Sink


  • Materials: Porcelain, Oakwood
  • Color: Dark Oak

If your washroom is small, you would like a compact bowl vanity sink that can also offer some storage space. It’s one of the reasons why the Mahayla cabinet vanity sink deserves your attention. This unit makes your washroom more inviting and provides ample storage to accommodate all your essential bath products like soap, shampoo, shaver, towels, and other similar items.

Mahayla vanity sink includes a chrome faucet, heavy-duty sink, overflow, and pop-up sink drain. You only have to purchase the P-trap. So, it might be a perfect choice if you want to renovate your washroom.

The integrated sink is made of grade-a vitreous china with a coating of porcelain. This layer makes it water-proof, stain and scratch-resistant. Apart from that, the cabinet is constructed using durable oak wood. Also, there are two easy-pull drawers for easy usage.

All the hardware is also shipped with this sink on top of vanity. The installation is medium-duty, which is feasible if you are an expert. Try this vanity sink if you have a compact space. It’s available at a reasonable price tag and offers the complete worth of your investment.


6. Renovators Corner Wall Mount Vanity Sink


  • Materials: Porcelain, Oakwood
  • Color: White, Dark Oak

Renovators make some of the best bathroom vanities, and this model is also impressive. This unit has a stylish design and durable construction. It has a porcelain-made sink accompanied by an attractive oak wood cabinet, which gives you decent storage space for bathroom-related products. Moreover, it’s available at a pocket-friendly price tag.

The wall mount vanity has a white sink, and its cabinet has a dark oak shade. This sink is made of industry-standard Grade-A vitreous china and has a protective coating that keeps it safe from scratches and stains. So, you can enjoy its services for decades.

Renovators bathroom accessory has compact a compact footprint, which makes it perfect for small spaces. Its modern appearance looks great in any washroom or powder room. This structure includes a chrome faucet and a pop-up drain, but you must purchase the p-trap separately.

If you need a stylish and functional vessel vanity cabinet for a small bathroom, then Renovators has a suitable option. It mounts on your bathroom walls, which means you don’t have to compromise on the floor space, which is already low.


7. Renovators Adeline White Wooden Cabinet Vanity Sink


  • Materials: Wood, Vitreous China
  • Color: White

Renovators Adeline could be the perfect addition to your bathroom because of its neat appearance and impressive features. The first attraction is its sink, that’s built using Grade-A vitreous china. It also has a protective coating for stain and scratch resistance.

The storage cabinet is constructed using MDF, which does not crack, bend, or tear. Hence, it’s safe from moisture-related damages, which makes any bathroom fixtures weak. Moreover, its MDF is eco-friendly and is safe for all your family members.

This white vessel sink vanity has a pair of doors that hides a significant storage area. You can use this cabinet to store all your bathroom products. It keeps them safe from water and dust.

Renovators bowl vanity sink has many valuable features, but it’s available at a reasonable price tag. So, not only impressive, but this model is affordable as well. If you want to add some storage space to one of your bathrooms or powder rooms, then this unit might be the best investment.

This vanity sink is easy to install because it includes the sink, cabinet, drain, faucet, overflow, and all other required hardware. So, you can assemble it without calling an expert.



Pick a bathroom cabinet for vessel sink according to its dimensions. If you own ample space, you can try a vanity that offers a lot of storage areas. But, things change if the washroom is small. A significant fixture might not fit inside a small refreshment area. So, try something that suits your budget, style, and available space.






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