Luxury Monograms

"A monogram makes something your own and endows it with weight in a world full of random things"

- Isaac Mizrahi

It all started with a  who was impossibly frustrated by the lack of posh personalized pieces. She found inspiration in beautiful baubles and promptly decided that she would marry marvelous monograms with seriously stylish selections. A carefully curated collection was paired with pops of personality to create a cohesive combination. Elegant elements were acknowledged, but it was the fresh and fun finds that were selected.

At Luxury Monograms, we believe that your monogram should be showcased upon something beautiful enough that you would buy it without your initials. That the designs of different monogram styles should be art within themselves. And that your home is the perfect place to personalize.

It's time for monograms to be as fabulous and fun as the people they are named after!

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